Oghior kingdom has been ordained by God, Says Yoregua

Comrade Joseph Ogheneare Yoregua, National Chairman of the Oghior Clan Union in

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Oghior kingdom has been ordained by God, Says Yoregua
Comrade Joseph Oghenare Yoregua


Comrade Joseph Ogheneare Yoregua, National Chairman of the Oghior Clan Union in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State has declared that Oghior Kingdom has been ordained by God, calling on all Oghior sons and daughters to be united in the onerous task of actualizing the presentation of staff of office to the first King of the Kingdom.


He stated this in a press conference on Monday at Oghior, headquarters of the Oghior clan.


He disclosed that ‘’all the villages and sub-clans in Oghior, including Ugen Village, Edafe Village, Edjame Village, Fifia and Obo villages have declared preparedness to close ranks to actualize the new Kingdom since the Ovie of Aladja have insisted on Oghior not being part of Udu Kingdom. We also have the Urhedjor sub-clan of Oghior with four villages in it all in the Oghior clan. We shall also hold meetings with our sons and daughters in Enerhen, Opete, Okpaka and Igbogidi on this subject matter very soon.


‘’From the above, it is obvious Oghior already has six sub clans. The list of the ruling houses and the gazette shall be made public soon as critical stakeholders of the new kingdom continue to hold meetings to agree on some crucial and fundamental issues. There shall be no going back on this mission. I therefore implore all well meaning Oghior sons and daughters at home and abroad to think Oghior first so as to protect her pride, dignity and honour in the affairs of Urhoboland.


‘’Official letters are already being prepared to intimate the Governor of Delta State of the development and our determination to be a separate Kingdom and apply for staff of office for our Monarch. The Urhobo Progress Union and other relevant organs are being notified too.


‘’This battle is a straight fight. No retreat, no surrender. This is a fight for justice, equity, fairness, purposeful and pragmatic human integrity. It is only a coward that dies before his or her time. I am sure no Oghior indigene is a coward. It is time to stand for our integrity, defend our God given territorial land discovered and acquired by our heroic patriarch, called OGHIOR.


‘’Oghior my fatherland, are not strangers, but indigenes with fundamental historical heritage. I am proud to be an Oghior Son, I was born in Oghior, I will live in Oghior and I will die and be buried as Oghior. I cannot fidget or jettison my integrity as an illustrious and a very proud Oghior son’’, Yoregua added.


He emphasized that all Oghior sons and daughters must see the ‘misguided outburst’ of the Ovie of Udu on Oghior as an affront of the highest order which the people have vowed to resist.


‘’The Urhobo Voice newspaper motto says, ‘if you cannot fight your own fight, who will fight it for you? Let me assure Oghior sons and daughters that Oghior will not lose any part of her land irrespective of the fact that the Ovie of Aladja erroneously mistaken us as strangers in our God given land. Oghior clan has been in existence even before Barr. Delekpe and his great grand-father were born. May I use this opportunity to appeal to Oghior youths to remain calm and be law abiding pending when the court will call off the strike for the struggle to shift to the court of law.


‘’Nobody is above the law. A situation wherein a traditional ruler is calling for communal crisis is unfortunate. Let the Court interpret the import of his out-burst. The pregnant woman will deliver soon. Oghior can never be strangers. The judiciary is the last hope of the common man. Though Oghior is not a common man, we shall rely on the proverb which says that only God drives flies from the animal without tail. God is on the throne. The wall of Jericho shall fall down and Oghior shall be free’’, he declared.


Comrade Yoregua, called on all truthful leaders and elders who has the interest of Udu at heart to rise up to the occasion to condemn the action of the monarch, disclosing that of the 7 ruling houses in Udu Kingdom, the Udu Monarch has referred to four as strangers in a supposed history of Udu which he has published but has not released to the public.  


‘’All the communities in Okporua Ruling House, Ovwian Ruling House, Owhrode Ruling House and Orhuwhorun Ruling House have been classified as strangers by Barr. Delekpe in his devilish book. We must not allow that book to see the light of day because if it releases that book, that will be the end of the Udu kingdom’’, Comrade Yoregua declared.

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