Esimaje Awani attacks Itsekiri political leaders, ILOT

· Says he was among those used as tool for Itsekiri political retrogression

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Esimaje Awani attacks Itsekiri political leaders, ILOT
Comr. Esimaje Awani, speaking bluntly


One of the arrowheads of Itsekiri Political Assembly and former President of Itsekiri National Youth Congress, INYC, Comrade Esimaje Awani, has attacked some prominent Itsekiri political leaders and members of the respected Itsekiri Leaders of Thought ILOT, over the perceived Itsekiri political retrogression since 1999.


Awani, who has been very offensive lately in the social media and political fora, organized by pro-Itsekiri groups, alleged that Warri South PDP Leader, Chief (Dr.) Joseph Otumara, “began the sale of Itsekiri”, accusing former Chairman of Warri South-West Local Government, Hon. David Tonwe, Engr. Tuoyo Omatsuli and Chief Ayirimi Emami, of trading Warri South-West politically to the Ijaws.


While saying he was among those used as tools for the perceived political trade-off, the former INYC President, also accused a former Chairman of Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC and ex-Warri North Local Government Boss, Hon. Godwin Ebosa, of giving Warri North Chairmanship to Egbema Ijaws.


Awani, who spoke Saturday June 12 in Warri, Delta State, during a forum organized by Itsekiri Political Assembly, lampooned the current leadership of Itsekiri Leaders of ILOT, saying members of the body, have become politically partisan.


He asked the members of ILOT, who are politically partisan, to quit their positions or bow out from partisan politics, so as to give ILOT a voice, going forward for Itsekiri Nation.


“Chief Thomas Ereyitomi will go only one tenure. Itsekiri will take 2023 Governorship in Delta State, Delta South Senatorial Seat and Warri South Constituency 2 seat in Delta State House of Assembly. We must return power back to the palace”, the self-style repentant ex-Itsekiri Youth President, declared.


Eloquent Warri Chief, Brown Mene, identified self and greed, as some of the issues bedeviling the political and infrastructural development of Itsekiri Nation, just as he recounted the rotational agreement between Ijaw, Itsekiri and Isoko ethnic leaders in Delta South, as it affects the senatorial seat of the constituency.


Chief Brown Mene, addressing the gathering


He advised on the need for conveners of the symposium to look beyond 2023 in their political calculations.


Speaking on the subject, “The Way Forward for Itsekiri Politically in 2023 and Beyond”, renowned academic, Prof. Lucky Akaruese stated that the size of population and blame game, are among challenges besetting Itsekiri Nation, saying Itsekiri was prioritized during the Warri crisis, but, “not sure if that is the case politically”.


Prof. Lucky Akaruese, speaking


He challenged conveners of the programme to get more involved in partisan politics, so as to reset the Itsekiri political course on a positive trajectory.


Secretary of Itsekiri Leaders of Thought, ILOT, Sir A. S. Mene, opined that except the youths and educated Itsekiri elites come out to participate in politics, the narrative of political backwardness in Itsekiri Nation won’t change for good.


Fresh Angle International can report that the immediate past two-time President of National Association of Itsekiri Graduates, NAIG and Convener of the jaw-jaw, Mr. Timeyin Edema, explained that the purpose of the gathering, “is to fix the sinking political ship of Itsekiri Nation”, adding: “This is the beginning of many more meetings to come in the bid to fix the ship before 2023”.