Tazan Foundation President Bags Leadership Award

The President of Tazan Foundation, Tazan Onimisi, has been conferred with a Leadership Award at the Merit House, Abuja, as an Icon of Youth

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Tazan Foundation President Bags Leadership Award

The President of Tazan Foundation, Tazan Onimisi, has been conferred with a Leadership Award at the Merit House, Abuja, as an Icon of Youth Development, in due recognition of his immense contributions to nation-building and humanitarian services. 


In a chat with journalists in Lokoja, the organizer of the event, the President of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, Comr. Usman Umar Barambu noted that the initiative is a collaborative effort with Zero Tolerance for Social Immoralities Initiative (ZETSI).


Our Kogi State Correspondent, reports that extolling the contributions of Amb. Tazan, Comr. Usman said the awardee is a committed Nigerian working hard to see the emancipation of the Nigerian youth and the needy in the poor of the poorest communities.


He lauded the contributions of the Tazan Foundation to education, humanitarian service to the poor communities, promoting a hygienic environment, and advocating for the vulnerable through a series of development programs initiated and sponsored by the Foundation in several parts of Nigeria.


On the program, He disclosed that the event was the launch of a national leadership training on the theme: “Exploring the Tools of Leadership to Curb the Rising Tide in Social Vices among Nigerian Students”, and also a lunch of a book titled: Social Vices in 21st Century Causes, Effect and Way out (Vol. 3).


The book he said is intended to be distributed in all the campuses across the country with the aid of sponsorship gotten from awardees and well-meaning Nigerians.


According to Comr. Usman, the training was born out of the desire to bring together students/youth to deepen their leadership and democratic knowledge, and foster active participation of youth in the campaign and fight against social vices such as cybercrime, cultism, drug abuse, exams malpractices, indecent dressing and many more.


He, therefore, stressed that at the level if NANs, "We believe that students and youth are the future of every nation, and working together, we can ensure that they have the right skills and training to do so. 


"Therefore, for the similarity of the overall purpose of the program and the core principle of your organization, we humbly solicit your kind partnership and sponsorship to execute this invaluable project. We do not doubt that it would be very instrumental in curbing the rising tide of social vices on campuses across Nigeria". He said.


In his remarks, Amb. Tazan Onimisi appreciated the organizers of the event for finding him worthy of the award and renewed his commitment to advancing the course of the Nigerian youth and humanitarian services in the poor of the poorest communities. 

He added that his Foundation is committed to eradicating extreme poverty, advancing the well-being of Nigerian youth, and ensuring that underprivileged children get access to quality education and hygiene.


Amb. Tazan said, “Besides most of the things my Foundation has done was a recent humanitarian outreach across poor of the poorest communities in Kogi State. Most times I am outside the country, but I ensure that now and then my Foundation takes out that kind to give back to communities in Nigeria.


“My Foundation believes in community service, we believe in exporting intellect, we believe in promoting good hygiene, quality education, and reaching out to the motherless homes. 


“We have done so much to the Nigerian communities and we have not stopped, I want to appreciate God for what he has been doing. This is part of our Foundation project to reach out to the needy in Nigeria.”


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