No tribe in Nigeria can conquer us, Oil Wells in OML 150 communities, surpass the 350 wells you falsely allocated to Urhobos – Olu of Warri’s Rep, slams UROAGAN

Sole Representative of the Olu of Warri/Liaison to NNPCL, Edema Collins Oritsetimeyin, has slammed the National Chairman of Urhobo Oil and Gas Nationality

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No tribe in Nigeria can conquer us, Oil Wells in OML 150 communities, surpass the 350 wells you falsely allocated to Urhobos – Olu of Warri’s Rep, slams UROAGAN

Sole Representative of the Olu of Warri/Liaison to NNPCL, Edema Collins Oritsetimeyin, has slammed the National Chairman of Urhobo Oil and Gas Nationality (UROAGAN)- Chief (Dr.) Obiuwevbi Ominimini, saying Chief (Dr.) Ominimini’s claim that Urhobo has 350 Oil Wells, over 15 Flow Stations, and 2P Gas Flare Sites, is “one of the most bizarre assumptions of the century, without specifically mentioning the location or fields.”

Edema, who made the declaration in an advertorial, widely published today, Friday July 5, stated that no tribe in Nigeria can conquer the Itsekiris, even with the instrumentality of government, insisting, “only the Oil Wells in OML 150 Communities in Warri South, is more than 350 Oil wells claimed by UROAGAN.”

The Olu of Warri’s Representative, emphasized: “Our attention has been drawn to a presentation purportedly presented by the National Chairman of the National Chairman of Urhobo Oil and Gas Nationality (UROAGAN)- Chief Dr Obiuwevbi Ominimini. Ordinarily, such presentation wouldn't have concerned us as every Nigerian Citizen has a right to freedom of speech as enshrined in the Constitution, but for the fact that the Chairman of UROAGAN made bogus claims, reel out fictitious figures, and attempted falsification of facts on major aspects of the presentation that concerns us, we have decided to set the records straight especially as the so-called presentation is being shared across various social media platforms.

“We have stated at several fora that the reason for the Warri crisis was to take over the Itsekiri homeland, because of her oil wealth, and day-by-day we are more convinced that this is the only agenda of the Urhobos and their Ijaw ally so they can get more political recognition and allocations from both state and federal governments.

“On taking a cursory look at the UROAGAN presentation, we identified some repugnant statements highlighted below for emphasis, which we will like to address a few of them;

* Urhobo has 350 Oil Wells, over 15 flow stations, and over 20 gas flare sites, thereby making the Urhobo people the highest producers of Oil & Gas in Delta State.

* Agbarha Kingdom, Warri South (erroneously referred to as Agbarha Warri Kingdom), & Okere Urhobo Kingdom.

* Urhobos not in any enviable office in NNPCL, or any strategic business units e.g NNPC E & P Limited (erroneously referred to as NPDC), NUPRC, NAPIMS, NMDPRA, WRPC, PHRCL, KPRCL, NGMC, NGIC, etc

* Unlawful transfer of Ukpokiti land to Omadino

* Urhobo as highest producers of crude oil are being shortchanged in DESOPADEC


“This is one of the most bizarre assumptions of the century, and it is really laughable aside the fact that its figures are bogus without specifically mentioning the location or fields these oil Wells are located. If we chose to accept this statement without conceding that UROAGAN is right, the figures do not even put the Urhobos as the highest producers of Oil and Gas in Delta State.

“It is based on the above premise that we want to restate our position as has been said several fora that the Itsekiri people of Warri Kingdom with aboriginal communities in Delta South, Delta Central, and Edo State are not just the highest producers of Oil and Gas in Delta, but also in Edo State. We wish to inform the ignorant UROAGAN that Oil and Gas production from wells in Okan field, Meji field, Meta Field, and Meren field alone, surpasses the 350 Wells being falsely allocated to the Urhobos.

“This is aside oil Wells found in Maru field, Mefa field, Meje field, Mejo field, mesan field, Dibi Field, Olero field, Abiteye, Macaraba, etc. Only the Oil Wells in OML 150 Communities in Warri South is more than 350.

“We wonder why the said Chairman of UROAGAN did not find his voice of agitation when he was a Commissioner of the Urhobos in DESOPADEC. We cannot tell if these figures were quoted out of the biting effect of the current Nigeria economy or as a result of dementia. AGBARAH KINGDOM, WARRI SOUTH (erroneously referred to him as Agbarah Warri Kingdom), & OKERE URHOBI KINGDOM First, there is nothing like Agbarah Warri Kingdom in Warri Metropolis or Warri South Local Government Area.

“It is either the UROAGAN is just playing to the gallery of some misguided youths on social media or they are being carried away by the "spur of the moment" as this is the second time in the history of the Agbarha migrants in Warri to be receiving a Staff of Office from the Delta State Government or any Government in Nigeria.

“The Idimi-usobo Kingdom now referred to as Okere Urhobo, is a quarter in Okere Community and as such won't waste my ink to dwell on it. The fact is that the Urhobos in Warri are customary tenants to the Itsekiris and there is no amount of blackmail or barrels of the gun that can change that just like a leopard cannot change its skin.


We find it distasteful and absurd that a body headed by a so-called chief, will condescend so low to spew lies before the Nigerian Parliament and general public that the Agbarha customary tenants in Warri, now have a community in Omadino Land. We wonder which location Omadino is that they referred to as Itsekiri in their presentation. Omadino Land is in Warri South, and Warri South West.


“Judging from the write up, we could deduce that the so-called chief of UROAGAN is only seeking political patronage to feather his nest and that of his political godfather, who has recently been condemned into political oblivion. How do you explain the fact that the Chairman of UROAGAN made this bogus claim, without quoting or referencing any empirical data or even at least mention, the locations of the oil fields or Wells that made Urhobo the largest producer of Oil & Gas.

“We are ashamed that a tribe that pride itself as the fifth largest ethnic group in Nigeria, can come this low only just to prove to the public that the popular maxim "urhobo wayo" is true.

“The DESOPADEC governing laws, made under an Urhobo Governor in an Urhobo dominated State House of Assembly, passed the DESOPADEC laws skewed in favour of the Urhobos.

“First, the allocation accrued to the board was unlawfully divided into two halves, just to take our money to fund the development of Urhobo dry landscape. Also, the composition of the board has seen the Urhobos being the biggest beneficiary, despite the fact that they claim the Itsekiris have the highest production quantum in the state. Since the inception of the board. Since the Rt. Hon Sheriff Oborevwori tenure, Allocation based on quantum sharing has been jettisoned. This is despite the fact that the Urhobos have 3 commissioners as captured below;

1. Sapele/Okpe/Oghara

2. Udu/Uvwie/Urhobo of Warri

3. Ughelli South/Ughelli North/Kokori

“The Itsekiris on the other hand, has just one Commissioner since inception. It may interest UROAGAN to know that we are putting modalities in place to stop the further plundering of our oil wealth through DESOPADEC, without recourse to the laws establishing it by the Delta State Government.


“This is another fallacy as the Urhobos have been the biggest beneficiary of the NDDC since its inception. This is despite the Urhobos not being eligible/first to produce either the Chairman or Managing Director by the enabling laws before the Itsekiris. Despite this, the Urhobos have produced Chairmen, Managing Directors, Executive Directors, various Directors, Commissioners, Heads of Departments, more employees than any other ethnic Nationality in Delta State, and probably the Niger Delta.

“The Urhobos need to stop playing the victims card when in true sense they have marginalised other tribes in Delta State, in all ramifications, especially the Itsekiri people, annexing our homelands in Delta Central, trying to subsume our people by continuously using the Urhobo controlled Delta State government and their population to ensure that all Itsekiri Aboriginal Communities in Delta Central, do not have any meaningful projects, developed, or allowed to contest for any elective position (despite some of them contributing to the Oil and Gas the Urhobos are laying claim to).

“Our homeland in Warri Kingdom (Warri North, Warri South, Warri South-West) are being threatened daily by the Urhobos with major support from the Ijaws, who are envious of the fact that despite all they have done during the Warri Crisis to annex our homeland and Oil Wells, they have fallen short of their targets and expectations.

“Finally, we wish to put it on record that the Itsekiri Ethnic Nationality is the most oppressed, marginalized, and disenfranchised in terms of political appointments, citing of critical projects, employment, etc, despite us being the highest producers of Oil and Gas in Nigeria.

“Despite all of the above, one thing is sure, no tribe in Nigeria can conquer us even with the instrumentality of government.”




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