Host Communities repose Confidence in Premium Steel

Host communities to Premium Steel and Mines Limited, formerly called Delta Steel Company, Ovwian-Aladja have passed vote

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Host Communities repose Confidence in Premium Steel


Host communities to Premium Steel and Mines Limited, formerly called Delta Steel Company, Ovwian-Aladja have passed vote of implicit confidence on the company in view of its corporate social responsibilities and positive impact on the local economy since the company began operation sometimes last year.


A statement signed by the President general of Ovwian Community, Chief Matthew Uparan Odjeku and his Aladja counterpart, Elder Otto Ogbiruveta, who are core host to the steel company, says that since operations began at the company, many people have been employed and the impact on the local economy has been enormous.


The statement disclosed that with the delivery of ship load of billets for production of rods and other steel products several months ago, activities at the company Jetty has peaked, company staff are now upbeat for the next phase of production activities in the plant targeted at flooding the Nigeria market with premium quality steel products for construction work.


‘’As we write, there is no week that finished steel products are not evacuated from the company premises for sale to construction companies and factories. The cheering news to construction companies across Nigeria is that with the current state of things at PSML, foreign exchanges can now be saved as the company has been fully revamped to produce the best of steel and allied products to meet the local demands and even for exports".


They commended the CEO of Premium Steel, Mr Prasanta Mishra for providing stable leadership for management to turn around the fortune of the company within the short period they have been on board, adding that with continued support from the host communities, PSML will fully turn around the economic fortune of the locality for good. They added that as host communities, they cannot just condemn always but can commend where improvement is noticed hence the press statement.


Also commenting on the progress made by the company under his watch, the CEO, Mr Prasanta Mishra assured that Premium Steel was doing everything posible to attain maximum production record as other sectors in the plant are  currently receiving  serious attention.


"Most importantly, the presidency has given approval to the jetty in the company waterfront. Full shipload of billets are being offloaded and more will follow so that there won’t be any reason to stop production so that the company can meet the ever-increasing demands for steel products in the Nigerian market and later for exports to other countries. We want to assure the Nigerian people that Premium Steel is taking the plant to higher level and with shipment of billets now being delivered to the company, the company will continue to meet the demand of construction companies across Nigeria’’, he said.


He called on the larger Udu communities and the entire Urhobo nation and Delta state to continue to support the company so as to deliver on their core mandate of bringing accelerated development to the area.


The CEO added that since the company began production, the socio-economic milieu of the area has been affected for good and that it can only get better with time.


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