Emergence meeting of Omadino Peoples Congress

After an emergency meeting of Omadino People Congress, OPC held on

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Emergence meeting of Omadino Peoples Congress

After an emergency meeting of Omadino People Congress, OPC, held on Sunday 4th April 2021 at Omadino Town.


The recent oil spill at Otunana field in Omadino Community Area of Jurisdiction, the ecomonic damage to our sources of livelihoods by the oil spill and the unnessary delay in carryout the JIV were discussed.


The following are our stand:

1. Chevron Nigeria Limited should immediately carryout the Joint investigation Visit (JIV) were all Stakeholders will be involved. It's been over 2months this oil spillage incedent occoured and no JIV has been carried out. This indeed is not good for Chevron Nig. Limited reputation.

2. The people of Omadino Community and Itsekiri Nation are peace-loving and non-violent but any attempt to exclude Itsekiri Stakeholder communities which are Omadino, Bateren and Deghele, will be resisted with any available means to us. 

3. Chevron Nigeria Limited should immediately stop their dubious and unethical acts of trying to create tension between the Itsekiris' and Ijaws' who have been leaving peacefully together in this region, because of the issue of Stakeholders to participate in the JIV. Chevron Nig. Limited have been relating with concern Stakeholders of these oil field from time in memorial. 

4. The recent visit of the National Assembly Joint Committee on Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) to the region with support of the Delta State Deputy Governor were Itsekiri communities were deliberately excluded from that visit, was an agenda aimed at creating the impression that it is only the Ijaws' that are in this region, and this agenda is been further perpetuated by some persons who do not need the peace of this region. Omadino Community and other Itsekiri communities will not allow a repeat of the PIB visit.

5. Any attempt to exclude Omadino, Bateren and Deghele Communities who are the major stakeholder of Otunana, Makaraba and Abiteye fields in the JIV, will render that JIV useless and an effort in futillty and will create an unnecessary confusion that could threaten the existing peaceful relationship between the Ijaws' and Itsekiris'.

6. The Delta State Governor, Deputy Governor and DG security should immediately call those persons trying to promote discord to order, as such actions, ulterances and publications are uncalled for, due to the already existing peace between both tribes. 

7. Chevron Nigeria Limited have always had a reboust working relationship with Otunana, Makaraba and Abiteye fields Stakeholders communities from time in memorial, Chevron Nigeria Limited should seek to maintain this good working relationship. 

The Omadino Peoples Congress (OPC) is a Itsekiri nationalist organization in Delta State that seek to protect the rights of Omadino and Itsekiri interest at all level of Government in Nigeria.

For Omadino Peoples Congress (OPC) 


Comrade. Peter Saniyo

National Coordinator (OPC)

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