Opinion: The Emergence of Omoba Tsola Emiko as The 21st Olu of Warri - An Idea Whose Time Has Come -INYC

The emergence of Omoba Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko as the Olu of Warri Designate that

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Opinion: The Emergence of Omoba Tsola Emiko as The 21st  Olu of Warri  - An Idea Whose Time Has Come -INYC
Omoba Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko

The emergence of Omoba Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko as the Olu of Warri Designate that will further metamorphose into Olu of Warri, is nothing but an idea whose time has come

In the words of jean Jacque gusso, a French philosopher who said, “when the time of an idea comes, every other ideas give way."


No doubt therefore that the emergence of Omoba Tsola as the 21st Olu of Warri designate was very phenomenon. 

Besides being phenomenon, Omoba Tsola Emiko’s emergence as the Olu-Designate can also be likened to that of the philosophy of a moving train.

In the philosophy of a moving train, if you are lucky to be inside the non stationary train and you are inconsistent or unstable or not holding firm, you are likely to fall off the train and of-  course, the train won't wait for you because it is dynamic. Also, if you are outside the moving train and you realise it is strategically important for you to be in the train and you wake up from your slumber and you are able to pursue the train and catch up with it, then off course, you will be allowed your space inside the train because the train is very accommodating. 

In all, what a moving train philosophy does not accommodate is to stand in front to obstruct it. The outcome is very disastrous. 


Additionally, let it be unequivocally stated here that it is not true that the declaration pursuant to the 1979 Edict does not accommodate the interest of Omoba Tsola. 

It nothing but a lie from the pit of hell.

There is abundance of literatures and authorities recognizing Itsekiris as Yoruba.  More factual is that we have about 23 dialects in Yoruba which the Itsekiris is one of them. 


They are: Yewa, Ijebu, Egba, Egun (totally different dialect in Lagos) Oyo, Ijesa, Igbomina, Ife, Ekiti, Ibolo, Ikale, Ilaje, Okun, Oworro, Ogohi, Ijumu, Ondo, Akoko, Oke Ogun, Owu, Awori etc


If in lieu of Itsekiri in paragraph 4 of the Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Edict of 1979 ijebu or Oyo or Ilaje or Okun is mentioned, will anyone say it is not Yoruba?

Again, the five aboriginal communities that metamorphosed into today's Itsekiri are all Yoruba.


Again let me ask, where is the origin of our monarchy today? Is it not Ife?

It is for this singular reason that the Ooni of Ife sent two Obas - HRM, Oba Adekunle Adeagbo, the Oore of Otun-Ekiti & Paramount Ruler of Mobaland, Ekiti State and HRM, Oba Akinola Akinrera, the Olubosin of Ifetedo, Osun State to represent him at the formal presentation of Omoba Tsola as the Olu-designate. This act of the Ooni further reestablished the fact that Itsekiris are Yoruba. 


If the above axiomatic statement is true, is it then improper to ask that affliction should not rise again for the second time?


Again, take a moment to peruse the superlative credentials in terms of qualitative social capital that Omoba Tsola brings to the throne.


A very scarce but highly essential commodity that is desperately sort after in other clime. We are lucky to have it now and you want us to let go it? Never!


What about the Oracle that is regarded in the 1979 Declaration to have the final say? It also zeroed down on Omoba Tsola.

It is for all of these reasons that CP Scot once said that opinion is free but fact is sacred.


While everyone is free to express themselves as they may deem necessary, the fact remains that Omoba Tsola Emiko remains the king, the Olu of Warri that we all have been waiting for.


It is on this note that I, comrade Weyinmi Agbateyiniro, President of Itsekiri National Youths Council (INYC) worldwide wish to on behalf of our teeming members express our profound and warmest congratulations to Omoba Tsola Emiko on his meritorious emergence as the 21st Olu-designate of Warri and also use this medium to call on all good-intentioned sons and daughters of Warri Kingdom to come together to give him a very beffititing Coronation.


Comrade Weyinmi Agbateyiniro

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