We the accredited management of the Trust, Omadino Community. we are calling on the Federal Government

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Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa


We the accredited management of the Trust, Omadino Community. we are calling on the Federal Government, Delta State Government, the Olu of Warri and the general public to take note of the ill treatments mounted on us by Neconde, Nestoil, NGC, chevron,  NPDC and other companies operating in Omadino community lands, how they are conniving with Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa to defraud Omadino community for over 15 years now. 


Omadino community is situated in Warri South, North and South-West, Omadino community is among the old communities existing before the exploration of crude oil. 


Omadino community runs a system that is not contrary to the system of the federal republic of Nigeria and operate with a constitution that is same with the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. 


In the year 2016 July 9th a constitution was adopted in Omadino Town Hall and all our practice and how to manage the community administrative systems was imputed in the constitution. 


In article V, page 12 section 3 (x) the constitution of Omadino community stated that, the appointment of management committee members is the right of Omadino community Trust and also the constitution stated in article VI, section 2, page 15 ( VII), the management committee is four years in the first instance and subject to re-appointment for a second and final term of another four years if found credible. 


The tenure of Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa led management committee has since expired, expired since November 5th 2018 and a new management committee was recommended to this companies mentioned above and they are asking Omadino community to get a letter from court before they will deal with the newly nominated and recommended management committee of the Trust, Omadino community, the companies are the one telling us how to govern our community because Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa dine and wine with the staffs of the companies. 


However, these companies mentioned above are still dealing with Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa after series of letters written to them by the chairman of the Trust Prof, Pastor G.O. Yomere informing them the expiration of their partner Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa. These companies are aware of none projects done in Omadino community by their partner Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa, mostly the oil fields operated by NPDC and Neconde energy, they connived with Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa to share money that is supposed to be use for projects and jobs slots shared to the company staffs to scratch their backs, the companies staffs are now Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa informer where they feed him with information and Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa in return will give them money and contracts that are supposed to be for Omadino community sons and daughters. 


Those companies mentioned above have succeeded in creating problems in Omadino community since 2018 till date, a lot of Omadino indigenes injured, some are in court over false accusations, some are being arrested to Area command Warri, A division Warri, zone 5 Benin Edo State and Force Headquarter Abuja Area 10 and 11 by Austin Oniyesan Gbokwa, sponsored by those companies mentioned above for self-enrichment. 


We are calling on the federal government of Nigeria, Delta state government and the Olu of Warri palace, we have exhausted our time and patience with these companies mentioned above, whatever means we will use to get them respect our community we will enforce it soonest, the companies are our tenants and they cannot tell us whom to manage our community. 



Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Long live the Delta State Government.


Long live the Olu of Warri.


Long live the Olare Aja / Elders Council Chairman of Omadino Community.


Long live Omadino community 


Mr. Gabriel Ebietomare, 

Chairman Omadino Management Committee of the Trust, Omadino Community.


Hon Mathew Dada 

Secretary, Omadino Management Committee of the Trust, Omadino Community.


Hon Armstrong Omaretsuli Yomere. 

P.R.O Omadino Management Committee of the Trust , Omadino Community.


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