Your Excellency, firstly, we wish to humbly appreciate you for the bold step taken by your administration

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The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Aso Rock Villa,

Yakubu Gowon Crescent.

Three Arms Zone,


F.C.T., Abuja.


Your Excellency Sir,




Your Excellency, firstly, 
we wish to humbly appreciate you for the bold step taken by your administration, through the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to set up a new interim management board to pilot the affairs of BEDC since August, 2022. I would also not fail to mention the timely intervention of the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), when the previous BEDC management team tried all it could to ensure that the laudable decision by your administration to tackle the rot in BEDC does not see the light of the day. 


Your Excellency, we own a business in Nigeria and also double as BEDC 33KVA Feeder customers (Warri 3)who faithfully pay their electricity bills monthly. We operate a hospitality business in Warri, Delta Stateknown as Gloryland Tour Nigeria Limited, doing business under the name and style as GT Guest House, with staff strength of over fifty-five (55) persons. It is shocking to note that the illegal action of the past BEDC management almost forced us out of business and that would invariably have thrown over fifty-five (55) persons, some of whom are the bread-winners of their families, into the streets of Nigeria. On the 18thday of June, 2022, the immediate past management of BEDC came up with a frivolous claim that our meter is faulty and same has caused BEDC a loss of revenue to the whooping sum of N35,908,523,72 (Thirty-five Million, Nine Hundred and Eight Thousand, Five Hundred and Twenty-three Naira, Seventy-two kobo) from July 2021 to June 2022. This said figure represents approximately N3,000,000 (Three Million Naira) as our monthly BEDC bill and this also covers a period where we could barely boast of six (6) hours power supply in a day. Many at times we were left without power supply for days. More astonishing was the fact that BEDC sent us monthly electricity bills covering the period in question. At some instances wepaid BEDC monthly bills of over N200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira) with proof of payment. As a result of the said frivolous loss of revenue claim, BEDC previous management with the support of a group of persons who claimed to be members of a presidential taskforce disconnected our business premises from the national grid for four over (4) months. During the period in review, we spent over N4,000,000 (Four Million Naira) for the purchase of diesel in order to stay in business. Consequent upon the said disconnection, I instituted a lawsuit against BEDC vide Suit No. W/159/22 at the Warri High Court.


It is apposite to state at this juncture that the timely intervention of the recently constituted BEDC interim management board ably headed by Dr. Henry Ajagbawais gradually making this burning issue a thing of the past. Under the leadership of the new BEDC interim board, we had a successful meeting in Warri with the Regional Manager of BEDC in a bid to amicablyresolving the lingering issue we have with BEDC under the immediate past board. A new meter was installed in our business premises and Dr. Henry Ajagbawa promised to nip the said issue in the bud in no distant time. Unlike what we have been witnessing in time past, the Warri 3 33KVA Feeder is witnessing constant power supply. Most recently, we witnessed three (3) days of uninterrupted power supply in the said line. The era of the constant excuses that repairs are being carriedout on the Warri 3 33KVA Feeder is gradually becoming a thing of the past.


Since the inauguration of the new BEDC board led by Dr. Henry Ajagbawa, our neighbours who are on the Warri 11 KVA Feeder and those who reside in warri and its environs can now boast of at least 9 hours of uninterrupted power supply daily. This no doubt would improve on the soured relationship members of the public have with BEDC under the previous management board.


We know as a fact that Dr. Henry Ajagbawa stated in his press briefing of 20th September, 2022, that he would carry out forensic audit of the activities and account of the past BEDC management with a view of cleaning the rot in the system. Your Excellency, from the little we have experienced, we strongly believe that the new BEDC board can live up to this expectation. Having commenced on a very good footing, we humbly implore Your Excellency to critically x-ray the achievements of the said board after six (6) months with a view of extending its tenure beyond the expected six (6) months. From the little we have witnessed, we have strong faith that the new BEDC management will put smiles on the faces of its customers.


Your Excellency sir, thank you sir, as we humbly hope that these assertions of ours would be given the necessary consideration they deserve.  


Your Excellency sir, please be assured of our warmest regards.


Yours faithfully,


Esimaje Awani

MD/CEO Gloryland Tour Ltd.

For: Gloryland Tour Ltd.

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