Judiciary Digitisation Process Gradually Progressing - Kogi CJ Majebi

Kogi State Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Josiah Majebi has assured that digitizing all processes of administration of justice in Kogi State will be eventu

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Judiciary Digitisation Process Gradually Progressing - Kogi CJ Majebi


Kogi State Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Josiah Majebi has assured that digitizing all processes of administration of justice in Kogi State will be eventually achieved through a gradual process going by the adopted approach and concerted efforts of the Council of Judges of the state's Judiciary.
Our Kogi State Correspondent, reprots that Hon. Justice Majebi gave the assurance on Friday at the event of unveiling computer and photocopying machines held at the judiciary headquarters in Lokoja.
He noted that, Kogi judiciary is evolving on an elaborate concept of processing documents and other procedures intended to ease and hasten court procedures in all grades of its courts at the long run.
The Chief Judge explained that, changing the narrative at the Litigation Directorate.was expedient in order to correct the situation he inherited.
"On assumption of office, we discovered that in our Directorate of Litigation, vital documents are usually taken to town for reproduction which we're not comfortable with. We concluded that that process is not safe for the integrity of our documents, especially in respect of cases going on appeal" he said.
"In addition to this, upping the game in data processing and reproduction of documents is also an avenue to generate revenue which the court is ready to explore with the deployment of the facilities.
"Secondly, since much is usually paid by litigants to reproduce documents, we said apart from safety, taking such to outsiders is a disservice to us on the little revenue we should have been generating from the process.
" In that case, we are looking at the small revenue we can generate here to augment the little we are having. The process will therefore  be self-sponsoring and accounting.
" We are saying that all documents generated by the Litigation Department will henceforth be fully processed by the department and paid for by litigants as they usually do out there. Part of the proceeds generated will be used for procuring the required stationeries while the balance will be saved to take care of other demands of the court" he stated.
Justice Majebi however cautioned the head of the directorate on careful handling and diligent utilisation of the facilities just as he disclosed that the Directorate of Finance and Supplies had also benefitted from the project and hinted that other Directorates would as well benefit soon. 
"I appeal to the DCR Litigation to be diligent in taking care of these equipment and ensuring that these two objectives are achieved. It is essential to adequately take care of them as we also hope to take care of other departments. 
"As we have made sacrifice to be able to provide these, we have have also concluded that the Hon Judge in charge of your Directorate will be taking a look at your operations from time to time to ensure judicious management of funds accruing from your services.
"Let me also use this opportunity to let us know that in addition to this, just about two weeks ago, we also discovered the need to further boost the computerization of the accounts department and we immediately procured the required computer system and accessories which are already in use now. 
"It is an indication that by God s grace, we are ready to take care of other needy areas of the court, especially in the area of computerization; but that is subject to improvement in our funding" he added.
Speaking earlier, the Deputy Chief Registrar, Litigation, Daniel Akogwu Esq., said the two photocopiers were in extreme demand in view of the workload of the Directorate. He was therefore grateful to the CJ for his prompt response to the presentation made to that effect.
Two Directorates of the High Court of Justice, the Directorates of Litigation and that of Fiance and Supplies, were beneficiaries of devices meant to improve processing and reproduction of documents so as to solve the protracted challenges of timely and effective discharge of the requirement to  process and issue confidential documents for both internal and external usage.


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