A social Movement is Needed to Bring back Human Values

No one will deny that we all want a beautiful and peaceful society

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A social Movement is Needed to Bring back Human Values

No one will deny that we all want a beautiful and peaceful society.

But if we ask ourselves how much we act accordingly, we will get the answer from our inner conscience! We want peace in society and a prosperous Bangladesh, but we never think about how much responsibility we can fulfill as a citizen of this country. We are endowed with wisdom, intelligence, and consciousness to walk in the path of righteousness and realize the consequences and moments of evil deeds. Staying away from all kinds of evil, evil deeds, and falsehood can participate in truth-beautiful and public welfare work. That is why a peaceful mentality and human love have been created in us. 

As the pinnacle of creation, it's our collective duty to show respect and love to all. Let's point out others' faults and acknowledge and correct our own. Instead of demanding others to work for the state's welfare, let's lead by example. By adhering to social norms and dedicating ourselves to the country's welfare, we can awaken the human eye and win humanity. Our shared responsibility is the key to our collective progress. 

In 1947, this British strategy of exploiting ordinary people by dividing them by religion was ancient, and they succeeded in this strategy. In this strategy, the British showed the people of the Indian subcontinent as Hindus or Muslims before they became human beings. Throwing them into the colony spread a poisonous vapor of mutual dislike among us that we could not get out of for almost a century. Maybe it works more in the head now. In the era of extreme scientific excellence, we will become Digital Bangladesh, Smart Bangladesh. However, research is needed to determine in which era we are stuck in the mentality. 

It has to be figured out in the so-called modern age, not in the barbarian or medieval ages. We are still reading about things that are not very important in our lives, not even for the world. We have almost forgotten the words of progress, modernity, and humanism or will give up them. So much progress is being made, but it is time to consider whether we fall further behind in mentality. So, we need to focus more on our cultural movement activities. With the help of technology, people's thoughts and visions move from one end of the world to the other in an instant. But the blackness and intolerance of our minds have not gone away and may never go away. No one is behind, whether it is Bangladesh, India, America, Sweden, or Myanmar. 

Still, we are not human, neither Hindu nor Muslim nor Christian nor Buddhist nor Jew. However, there seems to be no basic difference between fundamentalists and fanatics, whether they are Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, or Jews. Humanism is nothing to them, only their interests. If everyone remembers that it is better to be a saint or a good person than to pretend to be a saint or a good person, then our society, the world, and mankind would have progressed further.

In this subcontinent of ours, the anti-religious sentiment is always powerful. Everybody uses it when he needs it. Only ordinary people do not understand this. Once upon a time, we knew that man is a rational creature; when he has law and judgment, he is the best creature on earth, and when he is separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all. This is what the philosopher Aristotle said. We are humans, the best creatures of creation; we are separated from other animals or everything for judgment and conscience. 

But are we using our judgment, intelligence, and conscience? We do not think about how much moral and conscience slippage occurs daily. We are constantly abandoning the human qualities that we have; ethics and morality are disappearing, and our ability to judge good and evil is disappearing. Human sympathy towards human beings is disappearing in time, and love, kindness, and respect are slowly disappearing. But we are gradually losing our human qualities, not as human beings, but becoming progressively inhuman and behaving cruelly like beasts. Why is this happening? As we get educated, our sense of humanity is constantly decreasing, and it should be increasing. But why? 

Educated people are supposed to have more humane qualities, but it is not seen anymore. Nowadays, one must be constantly wounded; just turning the pages of the daily newspaper is about to suffocate; reading all this news makes it difficult to believe one's own eyes. We are all self-centered and working for our own gain. Everyone is busy with themselves. Are we thinking about the country, society, family, and children? How much more social and moral degradation is needed to turn us around? How long will it take to develop themselves as an ideal person? To raise children as ideal people? To whom will this question be asked? Will it keep the society? Want to the state? 

Everyone is busy with themselves, only thinking about themselves. We never think about building a beautiful country or society. Bullying by students, teachers, children, parents, and public figures has become a commonplace or familiar issue! Are we becoming residents of a spoiled society? Are manners, shame, rules, and regulations disappearing from society? Are we stepping towards a wild society? The government is busy with the country's future welfare, and the opposition parties are busy saving the country in their own words. But we, who are the general public, what will happen? Is anyone busy thinking about us or having time to think? But it is not visible at all. How do we know we are in a trap? As a nation, are we able to move forward? It doesn't seem like we are making much progress, but we have a couple of exemplary achievements! They are also wasted for our self-centeredness; besides, there is social and moral decay; because of this moral decay, all our achievements are fading.

It is undoubtedly possible to say that everyone will be at the same point about the conscience that is determined by the judgment of good and evil but will be at a different point about separating good and evil; that is, there will be different opinions on determining what is good and what is evil. This difference can depend on the person, society, area, time, event, etc. The work of conscience is to assist human beings in making appropriate decisions by judging future thoughts based on the present, good and evil, advantages and disadvantages, capabilities and inabilities, and principles. Still, the actual decision must be made by the being itself. We all talk about the peace of the country, the harmony of all, brilliance, principles, truth, and success, and we even like to hear these words. 

Conscience becomes violent when one's bag is not so full in comparison. Whatever peace or other positive things present themselves for, a sick conscience comes and covers them like a cloud and hides the blue of the sky, which causes absolute suffering to all. It doesn't matter to us that conscience slips. Be resourceful at any cost. We are constantly giving up our human qualities to acquire wealth and luxury. Morality is disappearing among us, and our ability to judge good and evil is disappearing. 

Human sympathy for human beings is disappearing, and love and kindness are slowly disappearing. Why is animalism growing among us? Where is the end of this social unrest? This degradation cannot be eliminated by legal framework alone. For this, the necessary social movements and civil society should come forward. Our human values have reached rock bottom. Why did this happen? Bengalis are generous and passionate people. Everybody is blessed if he benefits others. We have known this for a long time. We have seen it, but now we see the opposite in reality. Now, we have lost tolerance and patience. 

What is the benefit of increasing the rate of education? It is time to consider whether we are being educated and are rushing towards more barbarism. No form of education is helping to build our sense of values and humanity. It seems that we are gradually going back to primitive times. It is essential to think deeply about the matter. Once it falls over the edge of the abyss, it will be difficult for the nation to straighten up. We are ready to give up dignity and self-respect for money! On the other hand, in the building of society, as an ideal citizen of the state, it is time to think about whether we are fulfilling the duties we have in the state, society, and family correctly or whether we are forgetfully forgetting them. 

By using our intelligence correctly, let's move Bangladesh forward. Let's turn Bangladesh into a beautiful Bangladesh, which was attained in return for the sacrifice of 30 lakh martyrs and the honor of countless mothers and sisters. How far has our society progressed in 53 years of independence? How much social demand, values, and morals have been achieved in our lifetime? How much criminality has decreased in society, and peace and law and order have been established. How safe the society is, how much the social structure has improved, and how far our society has progressed in terms of principles, ideals, and values; it is essential to analyze the answers to these questions today. 

Written by Hiren Pandit

Bio: Hiren Pandit is an essayist, columnist, and research fellow based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He can be reached at hiren.bnnrc@gmail.com


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