The Agbeje descendants of Ugbuwangue community in Warri South council area of Delta State finally re-unites with their

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From R-L: Spokesman for the Agbeje descendants, Pa. Maxwell Aboyowa (standing) Leader of the Agbeje delegation, Pa. Felix Arubi seated with a walking stick, the Olara-Aja, Pa. Aya Amayeyede during the reunion

The Agbeje descendants of Ugbuwangue community in Warri South council area of Delta State finally re-unites with their Abe-Ugborodo lineage in grand style on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 when they were formally welcomed and absorbed into the mainstream of the community by the Olara-aja –in-council and the entire indigenes.

The day would forever remain indelible in the minds and hearts of all well-meaning descendants of the famous Princess Agbeje, daughter of Olu Akengbuwa 1 of blessed memory.

After series of painstaking enquiries and investigations by members of the Agbeje stock it has finally been established that the founder of Abe-Ugborodo known as Umuegbe was the father of Okoro who was the husband of Princess Agbeje who beget the late Agadagba (M) who in turn beget the five (5) children that make up Princess Agbeje lineage of Ugbuwangue.

Okoro who was one of the nine (9) children of Umuegbe. His marriage to Princess Agbeje with the birth of Agadagba who is the father of Atsibutsere Skin, Arubi, Eyetsemitan, Ayomagbemi and Menejurun in order of seniority.

The trip to Abe-Ugborodo was made up of Pa. Maxwell Gbenebitse as leader, accompanied by Shadrack, Ebugewa, Owin, Rebecca, Ayide, Meshack, Dupe, Omagba, Moses all from the various gates of Princess Agbeje lineage in a convoy of four cars.

They were received at the ancient town by Pa. Adagba Omamuminogho who was also instrumental in facilitating the re-union at his residence before being taken to the community town hall where the Olara-aja-in-council, Pa. Aya Amayeyede a very old man together with all indigenes (male and female, old and young) present in the town received them in audience.

After a brief introduction and welcoming of the Ugbuwangue crew with the traditional drinks and the explanation of the mission of the delegation of Princess Agbeje by the Olara-aja and a few and further clarifications made based on questions by some persons, the Princess Agbeje delegation were formally admitted with ancestral prayers offered for them for tracing their root back home. This was followed by another entertainment, this time by the Princess Agbeje delegation and thereafter the delegation hit the road back to Ugbuwangue in grandeur, joy, peace, flamboyance and great pride to the discomfiture of a greedy, selfish and jealous group of miscreants and thieves who have been going around parading themselves as the only bonafide indigenes of Ugbuwangue community purely for pecuniary, political and stomach reasons.

The Princess Agbeje descendants again paid another visit to Abe-Ugborodo on Thursday, October 25, 2017 to further cement the new found lost relationship and are now in the process of joining them to take part in a traditional rites soon to be performed.

It is on record at Abe-Ugborodo that of the nine children of Umuegbe, both male and female they have been able to trace only seven (7) of them till date until the arrival of Princess Agbeje descendants as the eight (8) group.So they are eagerly awaiting the glorious home coming of the ninth (9)and last lineage of Pa. Umuegbe to complete the cycle.

The re-union thus put paid to dangerous and wicked insinuations by the lazy and selfish groups that some of us are strangers in our own community-Ugbuwangue- founded by our own mother, Princess Agbeje who graciously only brought his younger to live with her for his own safety. They are same persons that have continuously been working assiduously, albeit ignorantly, to re-writing a jaundice history of the Yonwunren and Agbeje family tell People oral histories that has no foundation in truth. People can really be crafty and selfish, no doubt.

For those doubting Thomas’s, it is imperative to tell them that the Ukpejuku and Ebi deities in Ugbuwague today were derived from Abe-Ugborodo. It was given to Princess Agbeje for the protection of her descendants and the community. These deities are still being worshipped at Abe-ugborodo today. This also account for why they are located and or situated in the main areas of the community where the Agbeje have their quarters and not on the outskirt.

In fact and truth the Agbeje lineage has produced for the Itsekiri nation and Ugbuwangue community especially famous persons including the first black Vice-Chancellor of Nigeria premier University of Ibadan, Prof. Jolomi H. Thomas, the famous rubber plantation business mogul, Pa. James Thomas and a host of others. We are proud of our lineage, the Princess Agbeje lineage known for hard work and success and merit.

Emma Arubi, a journalist, writes from Warri, Delta State

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