Christmas: Why the excitement may be going down

Permit me to start this piece by noting that it's based on the Nigerian context and not as it affects other

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Christmas: Why the excitement may be going down


Permit me to start this piece by noting that it's based on the Nigerian context and not as it affects other parts of the world.


There is no gainsaying the fact that Christmas is celebrated December 25 annually across the globe to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.


In the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, the celebration of Christmas which usually precedes the New Year was heavily looked forward to and the fun/excitement was simply unparalleled. There were warm exchange of gifts such as food items, money, hampers and even clothes.


The exchange of gifts were usually between family members, business associates, friends, neighbours as well as people whose relationships were broken.  The climatic condition was most suitable for the razzmatazz and relationship reunion.


However, the excitement that goes with the celebration in the last decade has continued to slow down. While many will be quick to point to the economic situation and insecurity as primarily responsible for the drop in excitement that usually goes with the yuletide season, it must be noted that urbanization is another key factor affecting Christmas fun.


Unlike in the days of yore when people in neighbourhoods lived communal life, shared basically everything together with free heart, urbanization which has made it possible for nuclear families to live isolated lifestyle from their neighbours as well as extended families, is impacting negatively on communality, which is a basic factor for the usual exchange of gifts associated with Christmas. 


Before someone will be quick to disagree, that person should ask his or herself if neighbours living in the same estate with their private bathroom /toilets, kitchen and parking lot in some cases, recognize themselves, let alone trust themselves enough to exchange gifts for Christmas.


Not many are taking the effect of climate change in Nigeria seriously, but the reality is here.  In the coastal states of the country for instance, the harmattan cold breeze that usually heralds the Christmas and New Year festivities are hardly felt these days.


What is often observed is harmattan haze as well as warm days and nights. The special cold breeze of harmattan which encourages easy movement of people is becoming non-existed.


Ironically, there is also the socio-religious factor which engages people more in religious programmes and social gatherings, rather than spending time with family as well as other love ones.


The crux of this piece is for us to reappraise the situation, ponder on the reason for Christmas and bring back its glory days of love, caring and sharing as well as commoradaire.




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