Ebilove Fitness House

About Ebilove Fitness House, with years of experience in physical training, Massage, aerobics and sports Passionate instructor and

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Ebilove Fitness House

About Ebilove Fitness House, with years of experience in physical training, Massage, aerobics and sports Passionate instructor and grounded in the area of Fitness.

Ebilove Fitness House constitutes a team of extraordinary individuals with the competence and skill to deliver the best of services. Ebilove Fitness House is an indigenous Fitness brand in the Nigerian industry that seeks to promote the physical and *mental* *wellness* through Recreational Activity, the Nigerian populace with a view to expand and impact on the daily life style of individuals who encounter such challenges. Through our uniqu , tailor made and dynamic programmes we will help individuals actualize that dream state of *Wellness* and *Fitness* they desire. 


“To improve the overall wellness of individuals through Exercise, Massage and improve the overall wellbeing of the Youth, through our innovative services, incorporating fun to ensure clients enjoy their routine”


“To be the leading Fitness House in Africa, attending to the needs of at least 7 out of 10 youths cut across secondary schools, tertiary institutions and the varying demographics who haven’t realized the need for overall wellbeing in Fitness”


Enjoy Yourself and Burn the Excessive Calories with Ease.

*Core* values


Target Market

In the development phase our target market will be Business Men / Women, Sedentary Workers, as well as those who use sporting complexes seeking to lose or actualize some desired physique. We will also target corporate institutions who do not have a programme set or see the need to cater for the physical wellbeing of staff through aerobics. We would also reach out to schools so as to help them provide these services. EBILOVE FITNESS HOUSE Can't do these along without your Support as a corporate entity / individual Donor we can get this done.

Marketing Strategy.
We know our major target which is the Youths and Youth at Heart.

We Are:
Ebilove Fitness House is a professional and Certified Fitness House *with* Numerous experiences from Nigeria association of sport science medicine, lucozade  sports gym,  America council on exercise in progress, university of Lagos gym (Unilag), run for cure programme by the  former Cross River State governor’s wife (Donald Duke), University of Lagos Women Society, Afe Babalola University, Ado-ekiti (HBUAD), Senior citizen of Nigeria program, United Bank of Africa ( UBA), Regan Memorial  School , Estate Baptist Church, Aerobic exercise program for special population UNILAG,  Moremi Hall UNILAG, Amina Hall UNILAG, Say no to depression program UNILAG, say no to depression program LUTH (Lagos State Teaching Hospital), Red cross world day, National Sport Festival, etc.

*Our* Mission:

Our mission is to Eradicate diseases (e.g Obesity, Diabetes, Chronic pains, Stress, Cancer, Unhealthy lifespan, Blood pressure, Unwanted body fat, Decrease stress, Unclear arteries etc)   across the country starting from our Youth and Youth at Heart and promoting Recreational activities through Fitness for healthy lifestyle in the society.

*For* *Sponsorship* and *Partnership* Account *EbiloveFitnessHouse* *1020872156 UBA*.
Ebilove Fitness House

Tel: 08079223815, 08030721023.
Email: Ebilovefinesshouse17@gmail.Com,
*Instagram* Ebilove Fitness House
Twitter Ebilove Fitness.

Company Name EBILOVE Fitness House.
Duly Registered Business RC 2550286.








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