NAN proposes news deal with Fresh Angle International

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NAN proposes news deal with Fresh Angle International

The News Agency of Nigeria,NAN on Thursday November 15, sent proposal to the Editor -In-Chief of Warri based soaring tabloid,Fresh Angle International Newspaper,as part of"efforts to assist and enrich the operations of the electronic and print media across the country".                                

The proposal which was signed by Deputy Director, Marketing of NAN, Meg N. Iroha (Mrs.) for the Managing Director of the National News agency, entails a delivery system that will make recipient media get "NAN news bulletins, comprising general news, political news, sports, economic, energy, environmental news, entertainment news and features", apart from news as well as features from International news agencies like AFP, Reuters and China News (XINHUA).                                    

But in a swift response via email, Editor -In-Chief of Fresh Angle International Newspaper, Mr. Ebule Anthony Metsese, appreciated the proposal and described it as "a testament of the growing popularity, credibility and general acceptance" of the Delta State based medium.                                 

Mr.  Ebule noted," while we look forward to broadening our news scope, Fresh Angle International Newspaper has since January 2010 when we began operations, developed into a local news agency of some sort. We create contents of our own, upload on our website and occasionally syndicate, hence do not encourage publishing of reports already published in other media or news portals".                           

He stressed that the medium will only get involved in working relationships that can be mutually beneficial "without compromising our policy of being the first and originality of contents".

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Tonebsky Nesta is the pen name for Metsese Anthony Ebule, Co-Publisher/Editor-In-Chief
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