Shakur Promises to Drive Private Refinery Initiative

The Ag. Director of Petroleum Resources, Mr. Ahmad Shakur has promised to

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Shakur Promises to Drive Private Refinery Initiative
L-R: Head Gas DPR, Mr. Sanya Bajomo, Mr. Ahmad Shakur & Head Engineering and Standards- DPR Mrs. Ibidun Toweh during the pre- commission visit.


The Ag. Director of Petroleum Resources,  Mr. Ahmad Shakur has promised to drive the deepening of private refinery initiative in Nigeria by providing the necessary regulatory oversight collaboration with prospective investors. 
Mr. Shakur stated this during his pre-commission visit to Niger Delta Petroleum Resources refinery capacity expansion Train II project at Ogbele, Rivers State.
He commended the marginal field operator for its commitment to national development and said that patriotism,  professionalism and passion was the driving force behind the success story of the company. 
Our Energy Correspondent, National reports that the Director enjoined other marginal field operators to follow the example of NDPR in other for the country to attain Petroleum product sufficiency. 
NDPR was granted a licence (LTO) to operate a  1.0kbd modular diesel stripping plant by DPR in 2012 and approval to construct (ATC) for expansion which will increase refining capacity to 6.0kbd was granted in 2017.
The train II project will produce more diesel, jet fuel and marine diesel among others.

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