Ibadan Disco flags off 2019 Customer-Service Week

Geared towards effective customers service delivery in resolving complaints

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Ibadan Disco flags off 2019 Customer-Service Week

The Management of lbadan Electricity Distribution Company, IBEDC, has kicked off its 2019 Customers’ Service Week, which was geared towards rewarding its esteemed customers.



The Chief Operating Officer of the company, Mr. John Ayodele, said that the week-long programme was designed to appreciate its customers across the seven States of Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Kwara, parts of Kogi, Niger and Ekiti for their partnership all through the year.




Our Energy Correspondent, National, reports that the COO emphasized the importance of the customers’ service week, saying “The week is an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate our most important stakeholders, that is, our customers.




“Without our customers, we won’t be in business. It is also an opportunity to celebrate our staffs who are our internal customers because they work effortlessly to ensure we achieve our goals.




“I am pleased to welcome you to this year’s Customers Services Week, as we all know is a globally recognized event, celebrated annually during the first week of October to appreciate the most important stakeholders in the business that is, the customers.




“This 2019 Customer service week coincides with the introduction of the Customer Relationship Management initiative, CRM," he said.






He said the CRM rooted through the Customer care line 07001239999 across the franchise will give the customers better and faster access to getting their complaints resolved.




According to Ayodele, with the CRM, all customers’ details are well synergized and digitized for easy call up and follow of issues, even with the not so learned customers.




"The CRM allows for input of complaints by customer relations officers, also gives power to the customers to know and be able to cheek for updates and progress of their complaints as they would be issued ticket Identity Cards and get notifications of work done.






"As part of appreciation of its customers, IBEDC has also come up with the debt settlement plan which encourages negotiations, discounts and a better spread of huge outstanding,’’Ayodele added.


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Yunus Yusuf
Energy Correspondent, National
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