Nigerian cold could be more dangerous than Australian fires

While everyone is busy talking about the tragic natural disaster that has

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Nigerian cold could be more dangerous than Australian fires


While everyone is busy talking about the tragic natural disaster that has destroyed much of Australia’s wildlife, an even-more disconcerting natural disaster is brewing over Nigeria.




While one might think that some random cold weather here and there is not something to panic over, this is not the case here. The cold weather that has been affecting Nigeria is a sign of a much larger problem.




While the hot and dry Australia is used to seeing these sorts of fires, even if at significantly lower rates, compared to what it has endured just recently. The cold in Nigeria is unheard of and we should see it as a clearer indication of climate change.




While it would be absolutely wrong to try and underplay the importance and the tragedy of lives and households lost to the fire, along with millions of animals or wildlife burnt in the woods, the Nigerian case is also extremely complicated. It requires as much attention as Australia. Here is why.


Indication of bigger changes


Nigeria is a country ill-equipped to deal with this sort of major shifts and the people and nature will be the first to suffer. Nigeria has seen the coldest winter ever, with the temperatures hitting 7 C, leaving most households unprepared. They are simply not adapted to these weather conditions. In Nigeria, the entire system or way of living is centered around warm weather. All their customs and living arrangements are based around the heat. And now the country is left with completely foreign conditions and no way to adapt quickly. This is largely due to limited access to information and the fact that the cold is likely to spread out widely. We should be paying as much attention to Nigeria, which unlike Australia, has very limited resources to pull through on its own. If nothing changes in the world’s approach, they could also start seeing some major consequences.


Australia’s route to recovery


This is no reason to belittle the experience of thousands of Australians that were personally affected by these fires. Just now, Australia is waking up to the devastating consequences, brought by the tragic bushfires. Australian bookmakers and sports associations have made huge contributions to relief causes. Since the gambling industry is so big in Australia, we have seen a lot of charity fundraising through races and bets. The honorable mention goes to the horse racing betting venues, which have stepped up to help and provide relief of their own accord. The best example so far has been “1 for Bush”, promoted by Racing Queensland. It follows the principle that every time a dog or a horse that carries the Number 1 saddlecloth wins, $5000 will be donated to drought relief. The sum will be donated to the QCEA’s Rural Crisis Fund.






Another impressive step comes from another horse racing event in Randwick, Australia. It hosted an entire race dedicated to the bushfires, just to try to raise money for the relief causes. Horse racing is one of the most profitable and expensive betting mediums available, so it was definitely the right choice to go through this route! The funds are expected to reach a whopping $100,000 in sponsorships and similar initiatives. No doubt, it will be a great source of help for anyone who has suffered the consequence of the terrible bushfires.


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