Lagos NUJ Chairman inaugurates NAN NUJ exco, urges selfless service

Mr. Adeleye Ajayi, the Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Lagos State Council, on

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Lagos NUJ Chairman inaugurates NAN NUJ exco, urges selfless service
This is NUJ NAN chapel newly inaugurated Excos on Wednesday taking oath of office in the Newsroom

Mr. Adeleye Ajayi, the Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Lagos State Council, on Wednesday charged the newly inaugurated executive of the NUJ, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Lagos chapel, to work as a team in order to promote the welfare its members.


Our Energy Correspondent, National reports that Ajayi, who led the State Council executives of NUJ to the inauguration at NAN Lagos office, urged the new executives to prioritise service, while imbibing culture of patience.


“You need to work together in unity to improve the welfare of NAN journalists,” he said.


He advised the excos not to be confrontational with the management, saying that issue must be solved through dialogue.


“There is need for a roundtable discussion in order to resolve issues.


“When an issue is not solved with the chapel, it can be brought to the state council and if state council cannot also solve it, then it can be taken to the national level,” Ajayi said.


He urged members of the new exco to be patient, good listeners while deliberating on salient issues that concern the chapter.


“With patience and understanding, you can together bring about solutions to move the chapel forward,” he said.


Ajayi said that he was confident that the new NAN exco, led by Mr. Yunus Yusuf, as the chairman, can deliver the expectations of the members.


Yunuf, in his acceptance speech, promised to pursue the interest of the members and prioritise their welfare.


“Together, we shall promote ideas and innovations to improve our welfare as well as better our lot,” he said.


The new chairman said the exco would unveil programmes of action that would be in the interest of all.


”The exco, in unveiling programmes, will involve and carry everybody along in our activities.


“We covet the counsel of all, and together we can make the greatest achievement,” he said.


According to him, the exco will not compromise its integrity and dignity but will ensure effective synergy between the management and union to achieve its goals.


Other newly inaugurated excos of NAN NUJ chapel are Stellamaris Ashize, (Vice Chairman); Moses Omorogieva, secretary; and Dapo Udom, auditor.


Others are Henry Oladele, financial secretary; Abiodun Azi, treasurer; and Adeyemi Adeleye, assistant secretary.  


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