Marriage is not for everybody – Nollywood’s Okhiria Anita speaks

· Says she won’t act nude for N10million

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Marriage is not for everybody – Nollywood’s Okhiria Anita speaks
Okhiria Anita


One of Nollywood’s fastest growing Divas, Okhiria Anita, says marriage is not for everybody, advising those whose marriages stick, to remain or walk away if it fails.


According to her, children are no guarantee for a successful marriage, adding: “What works for A, might not work for B. Whatsoever work for anyone, should be done”.


Anita, who clocks 32 Monday March 22, told Fresh Angle International in an exclusive telephone chat, that she won’t be celebrating her birthday this year, as her result of COVID-19 Protocols.


On whether she would act nude or play a role that involves sex in a movie for a fee of N10million and above, the Edo-born light skinned elegant stallion, enthused: “No! No!! No!!!. My dignity as a full Born Esan woman, wouldn't allow me. But the money big shaaa!”


When asked if she had been sexually harassed to get a role, the Agric Educationist, who was on set last month, February, for a role in the movie titled, ‘ISI’, responded: “Times without count, but I definitely know how to manage both genders”.


While disclosing that she has gotten a couple of acting jobs since relocating to Delta State from Lagos, she revealed that if there was anything she would have loved to change, taking the clock 10years backward, would have been “joining the force”.


“I feel the indigenous artistes should learn to work with other tribes and also embrace oneness, which is one way to promote Nollywood in Delta State”, Anita suggested.


Fresh Angle International understands that apart from Nollywood and other aspects of entertainment, the industrious Okhiria Anita, also sells beddings, Arabic oil perfumes and she is a beautiful chef, who engages in business generally.



Photo-Grid of recent style-shots of Okhiria Anita, marking her 32nd birthday


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