OMADINO LIBERATION GROUP, OMADINO COMMUNITY VIA WARRI, DELTA STATE: We say no to expansionist tendency on the issue of JIV with Chevron

The Omadino Liberation Group, vehemently oppose any political solution that will sacrifice our God-given land in order to satisfy

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OMADINO LIBERATION GROUP, OMADINO COMMUNITY VIA WARRI, DELTA STATE: We say no to expansionist tendency on the issue of JIV with Chevron


 The Omadino Liberation Group, vehemently oppose any political solution that will sacrifice our God-given land in order to satisfy the expansionist tendency of certain people, under the pretentious move of finding solution to the issue of JIV with Chevron Nigeria limited, CNL. 


The issue of ownership of the land in question was settled by the Supreme Court in 1951 and a sharing formula for any proceeds from the land was agreed between Omadino Community and her settlers in the court judgement. This has been the precedent since then with Bakokodia (Kokodiagbene) the persons we have the JIV with, not Gbaramatu kingdom. 


Our peaceful disposition should not be taken for cowardice, as nobody hold the Monopoly of violence.  


We would not tolerate any attempt to use JIV as a tool to steal our God-given land, which we have successfully defended legally, up to the Supreme Court.


We wish to state categorically that no man is bigger than the law of the land, including the Government who made the laws. The records of ownership of the land in question is there for all to see. The government have it and the multinational companies also have copies of it. 


We had given the state government enough room to do the right thing and not to be arm-twisted by those who believe they own the monopoly of violence and political strength.  But unfortunately, Delta State Government had clearly shown their bias, due to their political inclination and have refused to follow the rule of law on which ground they are supposed to govern the state. It should be noted that if any crisis result from this hullabaloo, the state led by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and his Deputy, Barr. Kingsley Otuaro, should be held responsible as they have clearly shown their support for illegality, since this imbroglio of the JIV started. This was clearly shown from the threat video by Gbaramatu Youth President supported by the Deputy Governor, Barr. Kingsley Otuaru, which led to the killing of an Omadino indigene and adoption of others. We also remember the several politically motivated meetings called by Governor Okowa held in the Government House Asaba, to arm- twist us to give our land for political solution. 


We will not accept any political solution that will use our land as compensation to buy political favours. However, in our benevolence for peaceful coexistence, we would only accept the already concluded terms of settlement between the people of Omadino Community and the people of Bakokodia (Kokodiagbene). 


Finally, we are calling on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the National Security Adviser, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, GMD of NNPC and the Management of Chevron Nigeria Limited, to the needful and uphold the rule of law for sustainable peace. 


It is said that "you cannot stop the birds of sorrow for flying over your head, but you can stop the birds of sorrow from Perching on your head". By any means, we will stop the birds of sorrow from perching on our heads. Let us not forget that we (mortals) are all classmates in the grave. We wish to state potently that we will use our last blood to protect our God-given land. 


It is instructive to declare at this juncture that Omadino Community has not and will never permit any political jobber(s) in Itsekiri Nation to trade any jot of our land for their political or business interest, under the guise of seeking peace. Delta State Government, land encroachers and other members of the general public, should take note!


For emphasis, we reproduce the terms of settlement we entered IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE, BENDEL STATE OF NIGERIA, IN THE WARRI JUDICIAL DIVISION WITH 

SUIT NO W/35/75







( For themselves and on behalf of the people of Kokodiagbene ) 





2) E.E. SILLO 


( for themselves and on behalf of the people of Omadino) 


                    TERMS OF SETTLEMENT


1) The plaintiffs for themselves and on behalf of the people of Kokodiagbene claim from the defendants jointly and severally and in their representatives capacity N48,000.00 being two- third of N72,000,00 which plaintiffs believe Defendants have already collected as compensation for damage to the land, which they occupy as customary tenants of the Defendants viz the land around Nana creek shown green or edge green in the survey plain NO. M/G553/75 of 29/5/75 prepared by Mr. G.A. Obianwu licensed surveyor and filled with the statement of claim.  

In the alternative the plaintiffs claim from the defendants N18,000,00 and N85.01 being two- third of N27,127,51 amount actually found collected by the defendants and two-third of any other amount subsequently found paid to Defendants as compensation in respect of the area edged pink by any companies or persons for damaging the land interfering or disturbing attendant’s rights. 


2) The parties hereto exchanged pleadings on the above claims. 


3) for the purpose of avoiding litigation and further expenses and of settling disputes between the parties hereto they ( the parties) agree to settle the above suit on the following terms:- 


1) That the plaintiffs are tenants of the Defendants 


2) That the plaintiffs and Defendants herein have agreed to share any pending compensation in respect of the land occupied by the plaintiffs as shown in the plan which is an exhibit in Warri Suit 29/51 and which is marked as Exhibit 1 in Warri. Suit 29/49 as referred to in the judgement of the Supreme Court in suit No S.C. 393/1964 dated 2nd July, 1966 copy of which is annexed hereto and marked annexure AA, in the ration of 2.1. Viz the Defendants are to have 2/3 (two-third ) and the plaintiffs are to have 1/3(one- third) of the total compensation. 


3)That in the event of any further compensation being paid in the future in respect of the land occupied by the plaintiffs are tenants thereof be shared in the same ratio in paragraph 2 hereof . 


4) That the plaintiffs should nominate two or three persons on any occasion who will be present on the day any compensation accruing from the said land will be paid so as to collect the share due to them. 


5) That this agreement shall form the judgement of the court and each party shall bear its own cost. 


Signed on behalf of the people of Omadino  





Signed on behalf of the people of Kokodiagbene 



3) J.B. ARI 


Dated this 10th day of April 1980


P. E. S. IDEH.                                           

Plaintiffs, Solicitor                      

52, Odion Road, Warri                





For, ALELE, EMIKO & Associates 


29, Warri / Sapele Road 





Mr. Oritseweyinmi Agbonekuya Emmanuel Aaginejuone


Mrs. Tsaye Mene


Mr. Godspower Onoghor Diden

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