IRDC: Roland Yomere is not our Spokesman, Omadino Community declares

Indigenes of Omadino Community in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State, have disowned Roland Yomere, saying he is not the Spokesman

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IRDC: Roland Yomere is not our Spokesman, Omadino Community declares
Elder Priest Vincent Ugbameta



Indigenes of Omadino Community in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State, have disowned Roland Yomere, saying he is not the Spokesman of Omadino, adding: It is on record that since the demise of Captain Godwin Yomere, the Elders Council led by Pa. O.D EDUKUGHO, the Olare-Aja and Elders Council Chairman, have not appointed another spokesman”.


The Elders' Council Member, representing Ogborogboro Quarter in Omadino, Elder Priest Vincent Ugbameta (Oduor Gbogun) who refuted Roland Yomere’s claim in an electronic statement sent to Fresh Angle International today, Friday May 27, urged members of the public to disregard a publication credited to Roland Yomere on May 21, “as it relates to the recommendation of POWER DIDEN as the replacement for the Late Austin Oniyesan as the IRDC (Itsekiri Regional Development Committee) Chairman to complete Omadino Community tenure”.


Elder Priest Ugbameta, stated inter-alia: “The general public should please note that Roland Yomere is not the spokesman of Omadino Community. The last spokesman of the Community was the Late Captain Godwin Yomere, elder brother of Priest Roland Yomere from EGHOROKUERIN QUARTER. Roland should be told that the position of Omadino Spokesperson is not hereditary nor is it a family affair.


“The constitution of Omadino is very clear on it, namely it is rotational. Since the Olare Aja comes from Ogbogboro It follows that the next Community Spokesman must come from Otumara Quarter, because Eghorokuerin Quarter Cannot hold the position twice consecutively.


“Priest Roland Yomere knows very well that the constitution does not allow it. However, his self -acclaimed Omadino Spokesman is not surprising, because he is well known for lawlessness and complete disregard for rules and regulations. 


“Again typical of Roland Yomere, he is going about calling himself a Chief Priest, There is only one Chief Priest known and recognised in Omadino Community, namely Temieno Asokansomi. Roland is just a priest in the community serving one of the deities. The Chief Priest of the community is TEMIENO ASOKANSOMI the UGBEDON Ti Omadino community.


“Priest Roland Yomere argued that the Community was still in a mourning mood and it was not in a hurry to appoint a replacement for the vacant position created by the demise of Amb. Austin Oniyesan. Perhaps Priest Roland Yomere in his ignorance does not know that the office of the CHAIRMAN of IRDC lives on and the functions of that office must be attended to. However, we can pardon him for his ignorance.


“The only organ who can make recommendations to any company or any organization are the OLARE- AJA TI Omadino community led by ELDER O.D EDUKUGHO and the  Board of Trustees Chairman led by PROF. G.O.YOMERE, on behalf of the Council of Elders and the Board of Trustees, which they have done according to the constitution of Omadino community.

“Besides nature does not allow for vacuum and this is equally true in government or in any organization. Furthermore, we have sympathized with the family of Late Austin Oniyesan and have since sent condolence messages to the immediate family. 


“Against this background, the general public should see any publication from Roland as a busybody young man seriously in need of public recognitions. He speaks only for himself and nothing more. The general public is therefore strongly advised to please disregard him. Be rest assured that those saddled with responsibility are up to the task”.

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