The Devil Within And The Dwindling Popularity Of INYC President, Comr Weyinmi Agbateyeniro, Part 1

The Bible records that when the righteous rules, the people rejoice but the wicked are in power

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The Devil Within And The Dwindling Popularity Of INYC President, Comr Weyinmi Agbateyeniro, Part 1
Comr Weyinmi Agbateyeniro

The Bible records that when the righteous rules, the people rejoice but the wicked are in power, the people are in pains.

The Holy scripture also described Satan as handsome, however he was chased from heaven to planet Earth because of the evil things he does. This scriptural verses have a lot of connection to the present leadership of Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC). For the purpose of understanding the origin of this current executives, history must be told succinctly. The Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC) was formed at a point when the Hon David Tonwe tenure expired and a factional INYC reduced to only Champagne hustling. At that junction, stakeholders including myself held several meetings representing our various communities from Warri North, Warri South, Warri South-West, Ethiope West, Sapele, Uvwie and Udu. These were the foundational LGAs.

The various representatives formed the National Executives of the Itsekiri National Youth Council backed the present BOT chairman Hon Michael Diden Ejele. Comr Weyinmi Isaac Agbateyiniro was selected from amongst us to be president and not through any known election. The expansion of the council's affairs beyond the three Warris was a laudable idea and welcome development. This move was widely applauded by the Itsekiri Nation. The Edo State branch was formed as part of the leadership’s efforts to harmonize our people. During this period, strategic visits were made to Itsekiri communities in Ethiope West, Sapele and Uvwie LGA. For the records, I facilitated the visit to Itsekiri Communities in Ethiope West LGA after doing the ground work. That visit left our neighbors threatened with an order for me to appear in their traditional court which was ignored. This successes led to drafing of the popular DEGHELE DECLARATION, a document of hope for the Itsekiri Nation and the botched OPERATION JIGINI. I would like to state categorically that, due to the sensitive information within my possession regularly because of the high profiled individuals I work with, I am mindful of what the public hear from me.

However, for the sake of my family’s name and an attempt by the president of Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC) to rubbish my unblemished integrity, the one he never has, this article will touch on some of the evils he has committed against the Itsekiri people because of EPURU(portage) and or desperation to make money. Besides, I have served the Itsekiri Nation at various capacity, ranging from NAIS in Uniben, NAIG as caretaker president, Head of Itsekiri Communities in Ethiope West, involved in INYC Unity Rally where Itsekiris matched round Warri when others were afraid, where others took off, I signed publication on a National daily against the chieftaincy installation of a prominent son of the land etc. All these involvement was because we were philosophical and holding Executive meetings to regularly review our achievements in line with the strategic objectives of the INYC. As at then, the council was more philosophical and strategic in their operation. We were there to provide intellectual backings and machineries to actualise whatever programme that was designed.

However, the council derailed when the President Comr Weyinmi Isaac Agbateniyiro introduced the moving train theory, synonymous to to 'anywhere belle face na front'. In the days where meetings were still holding, despite several moves to import alien decisions reached by few of his cronies, we stood our grounds for the council to implement collective agreement reached at the NEC meeting. Though, our positions were made clear, he seldomly execute these decisions to the later. That was the provenance of the internal implosion of the vibrant Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC).

In an executive of almost 20, his errands boys are not more than 4, most of us differ in philosophy and refused to lie to the Itsekiri Nation as demanded by Mr President who lack principles. He applied the rules inconsistently. Some of us believes in the ideals of our forefathers and shall continue to prosecute that course just like the Israelis are doing till date. As the Director Media and IT, I am supposed to propagate the truth to the Itsekiri people at all times but the president wants the reverse and that I cannot do for him. My loyalty is to the Itsekiri Nation and not to Comr Weyinmi Isaac Agbateniyiro whose tenure has been plaques with embarrassing decision and moves that have reduced Itsekiri Nation to tenant all because of EPURU. The operation of the council for some years is in the hands of only one man because of his despotic nature and lack of principles. Superior arguments never carries the day because of his rigid nature. When they want to lie to Itsekiri, they gather people at Ikengbuwa Primary to further deceive the people.

I challenge the president to present minutes of meeting for the past one year where decisions were reached, I bet you, there is nothing to write home about. Furthermore, I will write briefly on my thoughts about the surveillance moves made by the president and his cronies. In the past, we have engaged in tour of abandoned NDDC projects in our riverine communities. The press briefing tells a lot about the cohesive state of the council unlike the press statement after the Oporoza visit, I was indeed ashamed and or embarrassed by the rice and stew INYC statement. Chamberlain Usoh of Channels TV will be shocked to his bone marrow. He was the only National Executive, the rest are his business cronies. The president has suddenly became a shadow of himself, lost his voice/vigour and he expects me Comr Lucky Futughe Director Media and IT to promote their strategic failures, we have a name to protect Mr President. The ingredient that sweetens the lies that they cook at any point in time is called ITSEKIRI, without it the food is tasteless.

While some Itsekiris are complaining about the leaders, these crop of people are worse than the previous ones, atleast those ones took risk during the Warri crisis. One would have expected that a NEC meeting of the council will be called with all the chapter chairmen in attendance for further briefing to the branches for updates and input but none of these were followed. After doing so well in the presentation and defense of DEGHELE DECLARATION on Channel TV, he goofed by visiting Oporoza in the collective identity of the youth body. In as much I want to make money, I want to make it with my family names intact. Russian and Ukraine are fighting but there are unseen back channel of negotiation not an open show of shame, begging for surveillance slot and in their usual ways, never told the entire story at their Agbats National Youth Council (ANYC) meeting where he mentioned my names. For the new recruits, you shall confirm what I have said in this article sooner or later. The rot and deceit in the amnesty programme is an article for another day. Finally, I will recommend to the Board of trustees Hon Michael Diden Ejele and Chief Francis Omatseye, Edigbe to write to the king Ogiame Atuwatse III disbanding the Comr Weyinmi Isaac Agbateniyiro led INYC paving way for an interim committee that will conduct fresh election with special provisions to prevent the old brigades from resurfacing in the Apex body. A man that is controlled by his belly can never achieve the strategic aspirations of the tribe, the time for Agbats to go is now. Consequently, the devil within is more dangerous than the one outside and this is where we have found ourselves in our pristine youth body. By: Futugbe Lucky (Media & IT INYC)

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