INYC is on life support, Futughe attacks leadership afresh

· Appeals to Diden, Omatseye to convey emergency meeting

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INYC is on life support, Futughe attacks leadership afresh
Comr. Lucky Futughe



The Director of Media and IT, Itsekiri National Youths Council, INYC, Comr. Lucky Futughe, for the second time in a week, has attacked the Comrade Weyinmi Isaac Agbateyiniro led Itsekiri National Youths Council, INYC, saying the apex Itsekiri youth body, “is on LIFE SUPPORT”, claiming: “They hide under the pretext of the Monarch to call the rest of us Gambari”.


Futughe’s latest tirade against the INYC leadership, made available to Fresh Angle International weekend, was a reaction to an article circulated in social media platforms, which responded to Futughe’s first outburst against the INYC executive, titled; “THE DEVIL WITHIN AND THE DWINDLING POPULARITY OF INYC PRESIDENT COMR WEYINMI AGBATEYINIRO”.


The surprisingly embittered Director of Media and IT, INYC, called on: “The Board of Trustees Chairman, Hon. Michael Diden a.ka. Ejele and Chief Francis Omatseye, Edigbe of Warri Kingdom, to convey an emergency meeting, recommending to Ogiame Atuwatse III, to immediately disband and or request for the resignation letter of the INYC leadership, because Itsekiri National Youths Council is on a LIFE SUPPORT. Those that crashed the council on the pavement, are busy gallivanting in town”. 


He stated in parts: “This article is designed to provide chronological evidence to the average Itsekiri to inform their decision on whom should be banished from Warri Kingdom. The emergence of the Comr Weyinmi Isaac Agbateyiniro led INYC was through the window of Warri Kingdom. The Council tried to legitimize their existence through pro-Iwere programmes, some of which include expansion of the branches, Deghele Declaration etc. During this period, the Comr Weyinmi Isaac Agbateyiniro led some Itsekiris and strangers to stampede our pristine Monarch to the extent that his generator was switched off for several hours and the battery stolen. What can be more SACRILEGIOUS than that action? He openly read and conditioned Itsekiri to achieve his decision.


“The Holy Bible has said the wicked runneth when no one pursueth, this is the current case of INYC President, because ebura(ancestors) has caught up with him. The article that rattles them is the revelation of how they have transformed and or derailed the Apex Youth body into private ATM by few organized gangs with known reputation for desperate monies. The fear that INYC ATM will stop dispensing cash soon is the rationale behind the watery press release. I challenge them to debunk my claims in the article, several days after, they cannot because truth is sacred. One thing is sacrosanct, the evolutionary theory is at play. Instead of using modern techniques to solve modern challenges, they are applying over two decades strategies to solve contemporary problems. Hence, he has lost focus on the modus operandi of the council.


“The Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC) is operated from the streets of Warri, what an embarrassment. This is not because the council does not generate or raise income, however, unfocused leadership unpinned with greed, has witnessed the body driven to a cliff. I challenge the President to provide income and expenditure account from inception till date, EFCC maybe close. The relevance of INYC in contemporary Nigeria has long faded away. Therefore, it is time to elect virile and or versatile youths, who have strong Itsekiri philosophy, analytical skills and evolving threat levels within and around Warri Kingdom. The old brigades, some of whom are trust chairmen of their communities, should be flushed out without further delay.


“The selection, coronation process of the king, has been concluded and OGIAME ATUWATSE III, THE OLU OF WARRI is our Kingdom and no one can change it. Those with grievances, will only settle with our Royal father of Iwere Nation. One exciting characteristics about our revered king, is his affinity for technology, class and uncompromising style, laced with pristine royalty. In other words, he must find out the truth either covertly or overtly. The hustlers in Warri Kingdom, will stop at nothing, but to conceal their real identity to him, while fueling hatred against some section of Itsekiris. Baba mo beh, will settle a lot of issues rather, chase him out. 


“Itsekiri across the globe, should disregard the Press statement released by President of INYC, where he made spurious or non-existent claims of potential gang up against our revered King, rather than direct their energies to address the issues raised in my earlier article titled: THE DEVIL WITHIN AND THE DWINDLING POPULARITY OF INYC PRESIDENT COMR WEYINMI AGBATEYENIRO. The KPENJE GANG is under serious scrutiny, because he betrayed the kingdom and it’s time for INYC President to resign or be sacked”. 

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