NDDC: MD Ogbuku’s fund diversion spree, fight with board to finance governorship ambition in four years - analyst alleges

* says MD plans to succeed Diri, betray Sylva in coming race

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NDDC: MD Ogbuku’s fund diversion spree, fight with board to finance governorship ambition in four years - analyst alleges

The Managing Director of the NDDC, Samuel Ogbukwu, has been accused of an illegal diversion of funds meant for the agency to finance his ambition to succeed Governor Duoye Diri of Bayelsa State four years from now. 


Pascal Ononye, a regular analyst of Niger Delta politics, leveled the allegation in a recent article where he described a collusion between incumbent governor Diri, who faces re-election in November, and MD Ogbukwu. 


He explained that despite Ogbukwu’s nomination as the NDDC’s Managing Director by Timipre Sylva, the APC candidate in the November race, the ambitious Ogbukwu remains unconvinced about his benefactor’s chances and considers a second term for Diri as a shorter router to the governorship seat, unlike Sylva who is expected to hold the position for eight years if he succeeds.


He accused Ogbukwu of stockpiling funds through unapproved expenses at the NDDC in anticipation of a governorship race in 2027, a decision he claims is responsible for his clash with Lauretta Onochie, the Chairman of the agency’s board who insists on due diligence and compliance with the NDDC Act.


He said, “Samuel Ogbuku is fighting Timipreye Sylva behind the scenes but pretending that he is for him. It was reported that he spent $3 million of NDDC's money to compromise the team that was deployed to conduct the APC primary election that Timipreye Sylva emerged as the Governorship candidate of the APC for the forthcoming Bayelsa Governorship election.”


“The aim was to stop David Lyon, a stronger candidate who could have, easily, defeated Duoye Diri as he did four years. In a free, fair and credible primary, David Lyon would have won. He could have run for two terms, pushing Samuel Ogbuku’s ambition to eight years waiting time.”


“With Timi Sylva, Ogbukwu is not sure of succeeding him. With Duoye Diri with whom he has a secret pact, he only waits for four years.”


“As a result, Ogbukwu, working with the former Acting MD, Emmanuel Audu Ohwavborua, is using hundreds of billions of NDDC's money to secretly fund the campaign of Governor Diri. Having secretly entered into a pact with Governor Diri to hand over to him after his 2nd tenure, he can only lie to Sylva, using Lauretta Onochie, as his alibi for not supporting him.”


“Still pretending to be Sylva's staunch supporter, Ogbukwu has manipulated Sylva and some Niger Delta stakeholders into believing that Lauretta Onochie is the reason he is not funding Sylva's campaign."


"The tough fight against Lauretta Onochie, the NDDC's Chairman contrived by the MD and his cohorts is a red herring and a decoy to give the impression to Timipre Sylva and other power brokers in the Niger Delta region that she is the wheel in the non-progress of the NDDC.”

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