Ewu people reject Ikolo as King

Protesters insist on Gabriel Macauley

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Ewu people reject Ikolo as King
Some of the placard carrying protesters over Ewu Kingdom crisis

The ratification of Chief Clement Ikolo as the new Ewu monarch by the Delta State Executive Council has caused major protests by the people of Ewu, with an appeal to the Delta State Government to reconsider her stand and ratify Chief Gabriel Owhodje Macauley instead as choice of Ewu people. 

The people of Ekadeh Ruling House of Ewu-Urhobo Kingdom, Ughelli south local government area of the state made the appeal during a peaceful protest in Ewu Kingdom over the announcement of Chief Clement Ikolo as the Monarch of the Kingdom.


Everyday businesses and activities in Ewu town were disrupted as the people of Ekadeh Ruling House came out in their numbers to protest against Wednesday's announcement of Chief Clement Ikolo as the Ovie of Ewu Kingdom.


The protesters who blocked the road with trees on Thursday, said that their dynasty has been shortchanged.


HRM Gabriel Macauley

Speaking to newsmen, the Chairman of the Ekadeh Ruling House, Chief John Oyiberhe, said that it is their turn to produce the new Ovie of Ewu Kingdom but Chief Clement Ikolo is not one of their descendants.

Chief Oyiberhe noted that Chief Gabriel Macaulay Owhodje was elected by the Ekadeh Ruling House as the new Ovie of Ewu Kingdom, thus they were surprised by the announcement of Chief Clement Ikolo as the Monarch.

He explained that Chief Clement Ikolo was never from the Ekadeh ruling house but from Olomu Kingdom both on the paternal and maternal sides. He explained further that the fathers of Clement Ikolo only sojourned in Ewu, died and was buried there but that does not translate to being a descendant of Ekadeh.

‘’Chief Clement Ikolo is from Olomu Kingdom. His siblings are well connected to the Governor of Delta State. In fact, his brother, Chief Ebenezer Okorodudu was Chief of Staff to the Governor when he was Speaker of the State House of Assembly. It is this connection he is using to impose an alien on Ewu as monarch. This is unacceptable. Olomu cannot produce two Kings, one in Olomu and another in Ewu using the force of government privileges. The people of Ewu has rejected the position of government on this matter and the protest will continue until government accede to our request’’, he said, expressing deep resentment with what transpired at the State Exco and describing it as a civilian coup against Ewu people.

He appealed to Governor Oborevwori to have a second thought and reverse the announcement of Chief Clement Ikolo as the Ovie in the interest of peace, justice and fairness as well as in line with his M.O.R.E Agenda.

In a separate comment, Chief Godwin Anuke expressed optimism that Governor Oborevwori will hear the cry of the people of Ewu Kingdom to correct the alleged injustice represented by the announcement.

Chief Anuke noted that he believed that the Governor was railroaded by external forces outside the Kingdom to announce Chief Clement Ikolo as the Ovie of Ewu Kingdom. He maintained that the duly recognized and popularly enthroned Ewu monarch was Chief Gabriel Macauley.


The Delta State Government on Wednesday announced Chief Clement Ikolo as the new Ovie of Ewu Kingdom after ratification of government during the maiden Executive Council meeting with the new commissioners.

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