Dhaka Elevated Expressway: There will be a positive impact on the overall economy of the country

The section of Dhaka Elevated Expressway from Shahjalal International Airport (Kaola) to Farmgate has been

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Dhaka Elevated Expressway: There will be a positive impact on the overall economy of the country

The section of Dhaka Elevated Expressway from Shahjalal International Airport (Kaola) to Farmgate has been already opened on September 2.

The car will run at a speed of at least 80 kmph. The scene of Dhaka will change. This project will play a role in reducing traffic congestion in the capital. If the project is implemented, at least 80,000 vehicles will move smoothly a day. There will be no signal. On the one hand, the project will reduce traffic congestion and save valuable working hours. Transportation costs will also come down. This will reduce the transportation cost of food and other goods in Dhaka and Chittagong at a significant rate. Which will have a positive impact on the overall economy of the country.

Dhaka Elevated Expressway (Ural Road) is another milestone in the development of the current government's communication system. Once its construction is completed, the Dhaka-Chittagong highway can be reached from Uttara via Kutubkhali in just 20 minutes. If the project is launched, the transport system of the capital will change. Revolutionary changes are definitely coming in the communication system of the capital Dhaka.

Capitals of any country have distinct characteristics. The city has to be the ultimate example of modernity and aesthetics. Civic amenities are wide-ranging and multi-faceted. Along with that, the communication system has to be flexible and multi-dimensional. There should also be facilities for daily travel from the city to the suburbs and suburbs. For all this, we want a fair and long-term sustainable plan. In the past 14 years, the Awami League-led government has created such a suitable environment for half a century of independence. As a result, the capital city of Dhaka has changed. As there have been one after another flyovers, there have been groundbreaking metrorails. Dhaka Elevated Expressway is going to be inaugurated soon.

Metrorail has achieved yet another awe-inspiring milestone in the ongoing development journey of Bangladesh after the implementation of the dream Padma Bridge project. If there is welfare of the country and people in the national thought, its reflection can be seen in the policies and plans of the government. The development activities undertaken in the light of these policies and plans. If the metro rail desired by the citizens of the capital is launched in full, there will be special progress in reducing traffic congestion and improving the environment of Dhaka metropolis and its adjacent areas.

Of all the problems the capital faces, traffic congestion is the most vexing. Unbearable traffic congestion in the capital is not only increasing public suffering, but the country is also suffering economically. Constant traffic jams cause suffering to thousands of people as well as loss of working hours. As the education program of school-college, university students is disrupted, it affects other areas as well. As Hatirjheel is a circular road, the traffic situation has been quite bearable.

Incidentally, in Dhaka, each flyover road has been constructed and the movement of Dhaka residents is being facilitated and time is also being saved. Kalshi Udal Road was opened a few months ago to facilitate travel to Mirpur, Mirpur DOHS, Pallabi, Kalshi, Mohakhali, Banani, Uttara and Dhaka Airport. Mirpur has changed a lot in a few years. The road has been widened, there has been a flyover. Commuting is now easier than ever. But once the communication system of these areas of Bauniabandh, Kalshi, Manikadi, Matikata in Mirpur was isolated.


Bangladesh Awami League government was sworn in on January 6, 2009 after winning a large majority in the 9th National Assembly elections held on December 29, 2008, and party president Sheikh Hasina assumed power as Prime Minister. Since then, the government led by Sheikh Hasina has been making the sincerest efforts to build the Sonar Bangla of Bangabandhu's dream. Every sector has been touched by the development and the doors of unlimited possibilities have been opened. Bangladesh has progressed a lot in the last few decades in social sectors like education, health, status of women, poverty alleviation etc. International observers described this progress as 'enviable'. In this way, Bangladesh is moving forward with honor in every case.

The government has long fulfilled the promises it made before assuming office. It has already exceeded people's expectations. There have been significant changes from both qualitative and quantitative aspects. The role of the government in agriculture deserves appreciation. Food self-sufficiency has come, we can also export. There has been extensive development in infrastructure in the country. Power problem solved. The IT sector has gained skyrocketing popularity. If these positive changes are continued, the country will soon become a prosperous country.

There has been a development in women education. Students are getting all textbooks free on the first day of the year. Earlier girls were lagging behind in education, now due to various incentives including stipends parents are more aware about educating girls and girls are also interested in education.

Patriotic expatriate Bangladeshis are repatriating their hard-earned money. Remittances are increasing, investment friendly environment is assured. People's standard of living has improved, per capita income has increased.

Bangladesh once belonged to LDC. It was called underdeveloped country, then it was called developing country. Bangladesh has now become a middle-income country from a low or poor country. In this regard, the present government has a big contribution. If we can send skilled workers abroad then remittances will increase. If the demand for gas and electricity can be met, industries and factories will develop further, and foreign investment will also increase.

The golden bangla of Bangabandhu's dream is visible today under the leadership of Bangabandhu's daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Those who once called Bangladesh a bottomless basket, today they praise the development of the country. This is the achievement of current Bangladesh govrnment.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is an icon among women leaders in the international arena. He has continued the development of the country by maintaining good relations with everyone including the United States, India, and China. The dream that Awami League President Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina showed to the people of the country in the national elections in 2008, today that dream has become a reality.


Sent in by Mehjabin Bhanu

Mehjabin Bhanu is Bangladeshi culuminst, security and strategic affairs analyst, teacher.


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