Becky lives on forever

It could have been me 6yrs ago, but no; it wasn't me but my beloved BECKY. Now she is history to

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Becky lives on forever
Late Becky Otiri

It could have been me 6yrs ago, but no; it wasn't me but my beloved BECKY. Now she is history to many (even friends).

But to me she lives on. Dare I hear you say “forget, she is gone?” Thanks. I know you meant well, but I chose to let her live in my heart for ever. A thousand women can not remove her. She is my foundation sent by God Almighty to kick start my life.

Quite unfortunate that she did not stay long enough to test proof my heart of gold forever o'Lord this oone woman live on in her rightful place.

Can’t say I understand life. The life I now exist in is full of questions.It's questions all the way. I can't seem to find answers.

Only one thing has been made clear to me and that is "BECKY was sent as a guardian Angel to me to show me the path to life. What a tragedy that she had to depart suddenly. Now I can only wish that she had been around to share in my very limited progress. Indeed progress had been damn slow since she left.

I was in the woods when I met her. She showed me the way out, now the wood seems to have caught up with me again. What a dilemma.

Her departure brought in a lot of frustrations to the extent that those that seem to love her were divided in camps just to apportion blames. We completely forgot that we needed unity to help her stay on, we were on each other throat claiming to be the righteous one and giving the impression that we love her most. What an unnecessary rivalry.

 As for me I have since realized my foolery. Please Becky forgives me as I have forgiven all those I perceived as enemies at your departure and my greatest loss. I suddenly realized that even in errors, they meant well and I allow my ego to overshadow my love for you.

Please be rest assured that if Baba GOD will change his mind about no marriage at resurrection, then I will gladly marry you again and again and never to depart so early. That was our agreement.

For now, I take consolation in the fact that her numerous admirers’ testimonies will come before our maker and like DEBORAH of the Bible days will be remembered for good.


Forever in my heart-Mr. Bennard Otiri


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