Bangladesh Prime Minister's visit to China: Milestone of economic and diplomatic progress

In the regional and international context, the visit of the Prime Minister to China has been added as another milestone in the development

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Bangladesh Prime Minister's visit to China: Milestone of economic and diplomatic progress

In the regional and international context, the visit of the Prime Minister to China has been added as another milestone in the development progress of Bangladesh. In the Prime Minister's visit to China, besides Bangladesh's strategic location, Bangladesh's direct connectivity with international trade and transport routes has gained importance. We know that there is a huge potential to export Bangladeshi products to the Chinese market. Prime Minister's ambitious plan to utilize this potential has been proven through her visit to China. In the last decade, China has been seen playing the role of implementer as well as providing loans to several mega-projects in Bangladesh. In the ongoing journey of Bangladesh-China relations, this visit to China has marked a qualitative transition in the relations between the two countries. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's visit to China on July 8-10 has sparked new hope through trade, investment and economic cooperation amid rising geopolitical tensions and shifting alliances in South Asia. Currently, China is an important economic partner for Bangladesh. China's foreign direct investment in Bangladesh has increased significantly over the past decade. Bilateral trade, which was $3.3 billion in fiscal year 2009-2010, is now over $2 trillion. Between 2011 and 2019, Chinese FDI increased 10.9 times. These funds have grown to focus on various sectors such as energy, infrastructure, information technology, defense and education.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's strategic vision has been reflected in her masterful balancing of foreign relations, increasing Bangladesh's diplomatic status and economic potential. Bangladesh's vision is to use these relationships for maximum economic benefits while ensuring sovereignty and regional stability. Overall, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's visit to China represents a significant opportunity to strengthen bilateral relations as well as explore new avenues of economic cooperation. It also highlights the importance of pragmatic diplomacy and strategic engagement in shaping the future of Bangladesh-China relations. Sheikh Hasina's visionary leadership in balancing these key relationships has enhanced Bangladesh's strategic position and enhanced its potential for economic growth and development.

The Prime Minister's visit can be considered as a diplomatic priority after his victory in the last national elections. Ahead of the announcement of the January 7 general election results, some Western countries questioned the credibility and transparency of the electoral process. China, as a traditional friendly partner, strongly supported independence and autonomy in Bangladesh's internal affairs and opposed external interference in the country's elections.

In recent years, the international community has seen Sheikh Hasina's pragmatic approach to dealing with Bangladesh's foreign affairs. At the same time, they now have confidence in the development and growth opportunities of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has also maintained good relations with world powers and various international organizations. As a traditional friendly partner of Bangladesh, China has always supported Bangladesh's development. The basis for the rapid development of Sino-Bangladesh relations is their continuous appreciation of Bangladesh's commercial independence and any strategic issue of Bangladesh.

In August 2023, Chinese President Xi Jinping, during a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the BRICS summit in South Africa, expressed China's clear stance on protecting its national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. Also, China expressed the view that the country would support Bangladesh in opposing external interference and also help in maintaining the internal unity and stability of Bangladesh. At the same time, Xi Jinping also said that China stands by Bangladesh as a development partner. One thing is clear in these cases that China is a friend of Bangladesh. China's attitude towards Bangladesh is always positive.

Cooperation between the two countries in economic affairs and trade has developed rapidly in recent years. China has been Bangladesh's largest trading partner for the past decade and a half. In addition to economic and commercial investment, the two countries coordinate and cooperate in various fields such as agriculture, fisheries, disaster prevention and relief, maritime affairs, humanitarian and multilateral cooperation. For this reason, the Prime Minister also urged Chinese businessmen to invest in Bangladesh.

Under the leadership of the current Prime Minister, the development of the country has now left behind many countries in the world and has come to the forefront. Many world leaders see the development of Bangladesh with envy. Bangladesh is a promising country. The prime minister is managing very efficiently how to take the potential of the country one step further by utilizing the diplomatic relations. In the past decade and a half, the Awami League government under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has continued the development activities of the country by maintaining global diplomatic relations. If the country continues in this direction, the dream of a developed Bangladesh is not far away. The Prime Minister's unilateral efforts in this regard are sufficient. What is needed now is the sincere cooperation and coordination of the countrymen. If there is coordination in all areas, the country will not have to look back.


Author:Dr. Sultan Mahmud 


Dr. Sultan Mahmud, is a Professor in the Department of Political Science, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh


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