Leadership crisis forces postponement of UPU congress slated for December 2

*Governor Okowa fingered in brewing crisis

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Leadership crisis forces postponement of UPU congress slated for December 2
Chief Joe Omene

The leadership crisis rocking apex body of Urhobo Nation, the Urhobo Progress Union, UPU which has set-up Chief Joe Omene leadership against that of Olorogun Moses Taiga may have led to the postponement of the 2017 Urhobo Progress Union Annual Congress slated for tomorrow, Saturday December 2, Fresh Angle International can report.

A statement signed by the National Secretary of the UPU, Mr. Martins Ahweyevu Umukoro Esq, under the Chief Joe Omene executive, explained that the postponement became necessary following speculation that a factional group of UPU allegedly led by Chief Moses Taiga has perfected plans to hold a parallel congress as well as ferment trouble at the venue. 

"We have been bombarded with phone calls and visits by well-meaning Urhobo patriots who expressed anger and displeasure that the impostors group led by Chief Moses Taiga with an alleged heavy government patronage and protection is determined to hold a caricature of the congress while the genuine UPU leadership led by Chief Joe Omene has understandably postponed the event."

The statement further appealed to all its supporters, youths of all categories, Urhobo Students and patriots in all organizations to please calm down and let peace region, adding, “we understand your anger at the unparalleled acts of provocation by the Taiga group and boastful statements from aides of Governor Okowa, including Senator Emmanuel Aguariavwodo that immeasurable mayhem will be unleashed on any youth that may attempt to disrupt the unconstitutional confab by the Taiga group. These threats of force by the agents of government were demonstrated against us in December 2, 2016 and January 2, 2017."

Continuing, "the blood of any Urhobo youth is not worth spilling. For a governor who sent Chief Ighoyota Amori to the United Kingdom to represent him at a meeting of a splinter group from the UPU, because it's preferred candidate could not win as the UK branch President, who continuously uses State resources to fight Chief Omene who leads the constitutional UPU will stop at nothing until the UPU is decimated or made comatose to his pleasure. We advise Governor Okowa to mindful of history. Governors come and go, but UPU remains. It will get stronger and better! If that is his game plan, be informed your Excellency that there is no way you will get a better outing in 2019 because of your relentless onslaught on the unity of the UPU. It will surely backfire!”, the statement added.


Once again, the National Secretary of UPU Mr. Martins Ahweyevu Umukoro Esq, appealed for calm among those who are genuinely angry and frustrated by the intimidating big brother destructive and annihilating interference from the enemies of UPU. Be rest assured it will fade away. Let us use the occasion to reflect on the shroud of illegality and impunity threatening the constitutional existence of the UPU and the helplessness of the Urhobo nation to resolve it. 

It noted that the Urhobo House is on fire and some unpatriotic impostors are rolling out drums to celebrate a coup, impunity, disunity, illegality, unconstitutionality, audacious interference by a stranger and an apparent political wilderness stressing that there is nothing for the UPU to celebrate this year 2017 except its disunity, not the pain, not the shame, not the absence of real men of men and real men of God, not the dearth of upright chiefs and truthful traditional rulers. 

"Please, patriotic and respected Urhobo people, remain calm and reflect in the tragedy of the Urhobo man in a ditch and of Governor Okowa pretending to stretch out the rescue pull out ropes, a curious oxymoron." 



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