Restructuring has nothing to do with secession - Eziefe

Contrary to fears in some quarters, Nigerians has been assured that restructuring has nothing to do with

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Restructuring has nothing to do with secession - Eziefe

Contrary to fears in some quarters, Nigerians has been assured that restructuring has nothing to do with secession, but to enhance better co-existence among the six Geo-political zones in the country.

Chief Chukwuemeka Ezife, Former governor of  Anambra State and Chairman in the 6th anniversary public lectures of the restoration government, made the disclosure while speaking on the theme: “Restructuring: The Way Forward in the New Nigeria” in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Chief Ezife who said that restructuring means going back to agreed decisions, stressed that Nigeria has failed both man and God by refusing to harness its resources, adding that there is no other way to harness resources than to restructure the country so as to make Nigeria work.

According to him. I don’t not know a country that is lucky as Nigeria, in terms of natural endowment, adding that God gave us resources because of our manifest destiny is to raise the dignity and development of the black race.

“God designed unmatched greatness for Nigeria, but man has messed the country, so we need restructuring for the country to work positively for the survival of its citizens.”

He blamed the military for the current centralized structure and lob-sided distribution of local government system, opined that Nigeria founding fathers agreed on a workable structure in 1954, even though it was changed in 1963.

Yerima Shettima, a representative from the North, said the suspicion of the North on restructuring is based on the fear that the South wants to secede from Nigeria, adding that the North became weary when the South began to extend a handshake across the Niger to the Middle Belt.

According to Shettima, such handshakes increased the suspicion, however, with his involvement in the struggle, restructuring is for the benefit of all part of the country, saying that such misconceptions will be jettisoned.

“However, I was more comfortable when I heard the Governor of Bayelsa State, Henry Seriake Dickson speech during the South-South Senators forum in Calabar, Cross Rivers State. I believe is for the betterment of the country because the centre cannot hold as it is now”.

He advised that the handshake should not be limited to the middle belt alone, it should be extended to the other Geo-political zones in the North to alleviate their fears and suspicion.

Mr. Olayinka Odumakin, Spokesperson of the Afenifere Group, said those fears from the North are artificial construct as Northern leaders agreed to restructuring in their eight point agenda in 1953 conference, noting that letters has been written to Arewa Congress and other notable Northern organizations, but they have not shown the desired response.

Prof. G.G Darah, said restructuring is a continuation of the struggle which is as a result of over concentration of power at the centre.

He argued that economic restructuring involves the states taking hundred percent control of their resources and paying taxes to the federal government, stressing that it will be a trimmed government that will not interfere with the genuine affairs of the states/region.






Benaebi Oyinbrakemi Destiny
Bayelsa State Correspondent
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