1) There is a disease which will continue to form clogs on the wheels of our progress, if not

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1)    There is a disease which will continue to form clogs on the wheels of our progress, if not treated.That disease is called illiteracy. Everywhere people talk about the economy, people blame Buhari, Buhari is not to blame, blame the disease called illiteracy.

2)    China was one of the nine (9) countries with the worst illiteracy rate. China has been able to solve this problem. China has been able to heal this disease, china is now the number 2(if not number 1) country in the world; equal or next to the U.S.A. Nigeria can do the same. Eradication of illiteracy was one of the priorities of our vision 2020. Nigeria should be among the first twenty countries by 2020;. There is a new project called agenda 2030. (This agenda states that everyone should be carried along by 2030.)With the high illiteracy rate this vision may not be achieved.

3)    Are you an adult? Adults are those from 18 years and above. Have you never had the opportunity of schooling? Were you once in school and you stopped going;- due to loss of parents, or marriage or pregnancy; or no schooling in your community?

You can still go to school.

4)    There are adult education centres in all public or government primary schools across Warri city in the riverine communities. Lessons hold from 4-6 pm in the evenings, according to your interest as negotiated. There is no AGE limit. Youths can enroll, mothers can enroll, and fathers can enroll.

5)    One other good thing is that not only will you be taught the basic subjects- English language, mathematics, social studies, integrated science, civic education, health education etc.


You will be taught the vocations:

 Dress making

 Bead making

Hair dressing




Barbing saloon etc.


6)    Adult education is free at all government learning centers in government primary schools and churches

It is for men

It is for women

It is for youths

The adult learning centers have good teachers. They are called facilitators. They will respect you, as madams, oga’s, fathers or mothers or as elders. They will not make you ashamed. THEY WILL HELP YOU TO BECOME CONFIDENT.


7)    Do not hide this disease called illiteracy. “if you can hide sickness you cannot hide death”. One day it may disgrace you. If you already have a job or a trade, please still find time to attend adult classes in the evenings. If you are a man allow your wife to enroll. It will make her to respect you.She will be able to correct your children better. It builds the capacity of men, women, and youths to do what they are doing, better and better their lives.

8)    One good thing is that the adult education provided at the adult learning centers has been accepted as a new and alternative form of learning. It is an accredited mode of learning by all educational bodies. You can be prepared for primary six exams as an adult. You can be prepared for your junior WAEC. You can be trained for senior WAEC, NECO as adults . all this is not lost: IT IS FREE

9)    If you are in Warri, visit the following adult education centres for your junior WAEC; Senior WAEC and your NECO

(i) Igbudu primary school adult center.

(ii) Mowoe primary school adult center

(iii) Word of life church adult education center.

If you are for primary six certificate go to the adult center in the primary school, nearest to you. If you are for the basic foundation literacy (i.e. If you have never been to school),Our Muslim brothers and sisters should call at the Warri mosque for the integrated quranic education or any mosque. IT IS FREE.

10) I want to use this time to advise mothers to go pick their children or wards from school every day, do not allow your children or wards cross the busy Warri express themselves.

You may enroll your children in schools on the side of the express where you live.

11) This press release or jingle is coming from an NGO:

Adult and youth animateurs initiative.


By : Ukubeyinye Alexander







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