My attention has been drawn to a press release as a

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My attention has been drawn to a press release as a purported outcome of a meeting amongst the DESCENDANTS of Ogiame Erejuwa 11 on the 29th of March, 2021 at Aghofen (Olu's Palace), Warri where my name appeared as an attendee with what appeared to be my signature approving the content of the imaginary resolution to make a Press Release. 

This disclaimer has become expedient to put the record straight in the interest of innocent members of the ITSEKIRI NATION and the general public who could be misled thereby. 

I must state from the outset that I attended the March 29th meeting at Aghofen but I was not part of the decision to do a Press Release evidently proclaiming controversial opinions not agreed to by all, as though they were matters of general consensus. Some of the matters introduced in a good number of the paragraphs in the Press Release were not discussed in the stated meeting therefore, my signature was illegally procured to achieve an evil intention. 

The Press Release is contrived to satisfy those few elements: particularly, foreign sponsors of schism within the Royal family and the ITSEKIRI NATION at large in order to portray the united Emiko family in bad light. I therefore vehemently dissociate myself from those resolutions as they were matters of personal opinions not carried by all attendees of the meeting.

The GINUWA 1 RULING HOUSE, saddled with the responsibility of nominating an OMA OBA, duly conducted the search for a suitable candidate from amongst the DESCENDANTS of the three (3) last Kings,namely EREJUWA 11,ATUWATSE 11 & IKENWOLI;and Prince TSOLA EMIKO was found worthy. This followed the uncertainty surrounding the health situation of the incumbent. 

However, some external influence felt uncomfortable with this peaceful and transparent process and found available, few characters within the Emiko family and some privileged members in the traditional hierarchy of the Warri Kingdom to fan the embers of disunity. But the clandestine project has failed, as the ITSEKIRI NATION, more than ever before are resolute to work with the OMA OBA. 

I join other members of the Emiko family and the generality of Iwere Nation to respect views of the very few still anticipating contrary outcome. I counsel that they join hands with the other members of the Emiko family and the ITSEKIRI NATION to move our Kingdom forward. 

The Warri Kingdom must move forward with the choice of an OMA OBA who has been exhaustively confirmed through the traditionally prescribed means. Saddled with the final decision on this all important matter. 

I respectfully urge all well meaning members of the Proud Iwere Nation and indeed the general public to disregard the publication under reference as it is a product of the figment of imagination of the author. I am not part of it. 

Prince Debi Emiko (Erejuwa 11 of the Warri Kingdom).

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