Calmly Musing on Leadership: No "Saul" in Nigeria's seat of power can last for 40 years

"Saul is on the throne and maybe till the next 40 years, so it's time to move on"

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Calmly Musing on  Leadership: No "Saul" in Nigeria's seat of power can last for 40 years


This was his speech in that short video. Pastor Paul Adefarasin of the House on the Rock Church has repeated this prophecy referring to the Nigerian situation of the 2023 Presidential election debacle.


It has left netizens and citizens talking, bashing and in some cases, hailing him.


While I do not intend to join the fray having been badly bruised by the so-called Nigerian politicians, I just want to point out that the story of Saul and David in the Old Testament has no relevance to the issues we currently face as a nation.


The leadership of Saul and later David were no products of any electoral process where the people of Israel at the time had to troop out to vote for a leader. It was not democracy rather, Theocracy where leaders were chosen for the people through a divine arrangement, involving ordination by a Prophet.


The principles in that story in the first Book of Samuel have no correlation to the Nigerian political system!


And it is worthy of note that no "Saul" in Nigeria's seat of power can last for 40 years. It can only be for 8 years, if the Lord wills.

Nigeria is not Gabon!


As for me, it is time to move on. But fellow Nigerians must not be like me. I have moved on!


Written by Christie obiaruko Ndukwe


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