Police launches manhunt for Suspects In Aboh Ogwashi-Uku Assassination Murder

Crack police detectives from the apex investigating unit of the Nigerian Police FCID Alagbon Homicide department

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Police launches manhunt for Suspects In Aboh Ogwashi-Uku Assassination Murder



Crack police detectives from the apex investigating unit of the Nigerian Police FCID Alagbon Homicide department are on the trail of the remaining suspects in the assassination murder of Mr Chukwunweike Alawo who was gunned down in cold blood at Aboh Ogwashi-Uku in broad daylight in March 2022. 

The FCID Alagbon Police apex investigating department handling the investigation is headed by the very respected Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Yahaya Abubakar who is said to be a no nonsense police officer. 


Recall that a year ago in Aboh Ogwashi-Uku, a satellite community in Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom, Mr Chukwunweike Alawo a member of the Aboh Ogwashi-Uku community was shot dead in the middle of the day by a group of people who arrived in several cars at Aboh Ogwashi-Uku.  


According to by standers, some members of the Ogwashi-Uku and Ibusa community were positively identified as part of the group that carried out the murder.  


The police have arrested three suspects so far who are giving helpful information to the detectives.  


The suspects arrested so far include Mr Emeka Onwadiamu who is the brother to Chief Chiedu Onwadiamu currently on the run as a suspect from the police. The two other suspects include Mr Ugo Emordi who is said to be the bag man for Mr Chiedu Onwadiamu and his associates. The last suspect in custody is Mr Iloba Obata who is also a suspect in other murder cases in the Azungwu community of Ogwashi-uku. 


Discreet sources have informed our correspondent that Mr Iloba Obata was extradited back to Delta State by police officers from the elite SIB unit at the State Headquarters to face pending charges of murder, rape and arson committed in the community.  Iloba Obata is also one of the suspects who escaped from the Magistrate court 2 in Ogwashi-Uku earlier this year with police handcuffs. The police had been on his trail for several months as he was said to be moving from hideout to hideout each day to evade arrest. He has since been remanded to the Federal Correctional Center in Ogwashi-Uku. 


Mr Iloba Obata it is understood is also under investigation by the Force Headquarters in Abuja for his culpability in staged videos he made which led to the death of one Stephen Ubaka.  


The mother who is a widow, of the deceased Chukwunweike Alawo has been in absolute agony and pain as the deceased was her only child.


According to family members, the suspects on the run and wanted by the police have refused to submit themselves for questioning and have rather embarked on a media campaign to blame the entire murder on members of the Ibusa community and the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku who has insisted that anyone facing criminal investigations should submit themselves to the appropriate authorities. 


When contacted, a senior member of the deceased family Pa Alawo expressed his disgust at the attitude of Mr Chiedu Onwadiamu who he claims is trying to divert attention from himself. 


“If Chiedu has anything or any evidence to give, he should immediately go to the police and provide the information. I am really tired of journalists arranged and sent by him contacting us to ask questions about the killing of our brother.  This is a police investigation. It cannot be discussed in public or on social media. Chiedu should submit himself urgently.  He is not above the law. His attempts to divert attention and engage in a media obfuscation of facts surrounding the death of our son will surely fail as the detectives are still doing their investigations.  We are not interested in his stories about Chieftaincy issues. This is about the murder of our son.  We urge the police to do their work and complete their investigations without fear or favour. Afterall, there are witnesses to the incident which happened in the daytime.” 


Efforts to reach the Police spokesperson at the FCID Alagbon were unsuccessful and abortive as he did not answer his call.

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