Project Director NDDC, funding malicious publications against Minister - Akpodoro

A former militant leader, Eshanekpe Israel, a.k.a Akpodoro has accused the Executive Director, Project of of the

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Project Director NDDC, funding malicious publications against Minister - Akpodoro
Eshanekpe Israel

A former militant leader, Eshanekpe Israel, a.k.a Akpodoro has accused the Executive Director, Project of of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Engineer Sam Adjogbe of sponsoring malicious publications against the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Pastor Usani Uguru Usani, saying Adjogbe has morbid hatred for the Minister.

Akpodoro who is the President of the National Coalition of Niger Delta Ex-Agitators, NCNDE-A stated this in a released signed by him and made available to Our Correspondent in Abuja Sunday July 30

The accusation he said was informed by a call on the Acting President to sack the Minister for being a problem rather than solution in the wheel of progress in NDDC. Signed by the duo of the Group, Godswill Pakribo and Secretary, Jonas Opubo, the Niger Delta Association for Peace and Unity, NDAPU, has in an open letter called on the FG to sack Usani. 

He noted that since the suspension of the Project Director of the intervention agency by the Minister he has no love lost for the Clergy man - turned politician and doesn't wish him well but evil. 

He further stated that even though the Minister in his magnanimity commuted his suspension to administrative query, Adjogbe was yet to forgive the man who is the supervisory Minister of the NDDC, adding that since Adjogbe is a foot soldier of corruption, he must run in collision course with an agent of positive change and accelerated development like Usani. 

The Urhobo - born ex-war lord further explained that the Civil Engineer was initially suspended from office over issues bothering on corruption and high handedness with the vestiges of impunity and official rascality but, for the intervention of a politician he described as someone lacking in electoral values who couldn't win his ward at the 2015 poll, adding that the said politician was the one who rallied round some persons described as political jobbers in the Presidency to save Adjogbe from humiliation with six months of appointment as EDP. 

He lampooned those he called agents of darknes, stressing that among all the political appointees from the Niger Delta region only Pastor Usani has the interests of the region at heart adding that he has been working assiduously to achieve accelerated development of both human and material development for the region. 

Akpodoro who doubled as the Coordinator of the Urhobo Youth Forum for Change, UYFC, called on those he describes as faceless groups allegedly being used against the Minister by Adjogbe to "go get a life" for themselves so as to be able to resist the temptation of the "pittance" given to lure them into unholy conducts against leaders in the region. 

He further averred that “Adjogbe came into the Commission with the mindset of looting the agency dry which he said was the reason he works with miscreants” who he said weren't under the employ of the Commission. 

A particular scenario was made to one Jaro Egbo, who said is “hopping from one personality to the other being a purveyor of stolen money in institutions in aid of public office holders”, adding that Adjogbe has “an unfortunate history of contract splitting, hoarding of tenders, award of contracts to himself using cronies” in a bid to allegedly retard progress of the Commission. 

Additionally, Akpodoro stated that he became an “endangered specie” when he cautioned against what he described as sharp practices being perpetrated by Adjogbe and his "foot soldiers of corruption” particularly after he successfully anchor the first ever National Congress of all youth and ex-militants in the region in a meeting with the Commission at the instance of the Managing Director, Nsima Ekere against the wish of the EDP who he noted wanted him to perpetrate crises using him so that he could roll millions in emergency funds but in national interest and solidarity, Akpodoro resisted all his offers to make the event successful which  accounted for the relative peace in the region. 








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