First Baptist Church takes lead in providing free Adult Education Classes

Students and pupils of First Baptist Church, Warri Adult Education School have

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First Baptist Church takes lead in providing free Adult Education Classes

Students and pupils of First Baptist Church, Warri Adult Education School have commended the church for giving them an opportunity to fulfill their lost desire to read and write.

The students whose age range from thirty to seventy years are mostly in the primary school  and junior secondary school sections.
Sixty Eight year old Mrs. Dorcas Aloho is in Primary one,

Seventy years old primary two pupil,. Amaechi Eze who sells meat, Cecilia Emokwu, a trader and fifty four year old Anthonia Desi in primary three said they took the challenge of learning to show their can do spirit as well as acquire writing and reading skills.

Mrs. Muffatia Seki a mother of eight children and a seamstress is in Junior Secondary School three, while Mrs. Joy Anuaboh is in Senior secondary school two, they said they are thrilled by the fact that the church opened their doors to them and has given them the opportunity to pick up their abandoned educational quest.  

Forty  five year old Funmi Hassan from Lagos State said her father never believed in educating the girl child which truncated her attempt to get education earlier in life.

Ngozi Ekwueme from Imo State said she lost the education tread way back when there was no one to train.

The church however says it will continue to open its doors to adults who seek a second opportunity for education.

The church which runs a free adult education class from primary one to senior secondary school say the class is its contributing to liberating the society from the grip of illiteracy and deepening evangelical work.

Senior Pastor of the church, Reverend Justin Okoroji Junior said true evangelism must prepare the followers of Christ to be able to study the Bible independently and reason with God from the point of knowledge.

Reverend Okoroji Junior said education was his passion and explained that the First Baptist Church happily foots the bill of the adult education class which has been running for more than a decade now.

His words, 'Hundreds of adults have graduated from our primary and secondary school and we are indeed proud of our contribution to society and We hope to continue this programme as a way of strengthening the commitment of people to the word of God'.

According to him, the church does not discriminate in accepting pupils and students. Many of the students come  from various other churches and there are even Moslems among them.

Hear him, 'we believe that in opening our doors to every one, society will be better enriched, our Moslem brothers and sisters also yearn for knowledge and education and on the long run opening their eyes to study will help build the bridge of religious tolerance and social harmony'.

Speaking in a similar vein the head teacher of the First Baptist Church Warri, Adult Education class, Mrs. Mary Aghoghovia said the interest of the school is to give willing and ready adults an opportunity to live their dreams and fulfill their desire to read, write and reason in a more logical manner.

'Our doors are open' she said, 'and our teachers are ready and willing to help them make the desired changes in their lives. Nothing compares to the ability to read and write independently'.

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