National Congress of Anioma youth hails Council Boss

A group known as National Congress of Anioma Youth (NCAY) has commenced the developmental strides of the chairman of

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National Congress of Anioma youth hails Council Boss
Chuks Oseme in the middle

A group known as National Congress of Anioma Youth (NCAY) has commended the developmental strides of the chairman of Aniocha North Local Government Council, Delta State, Hon. Chuks Oseme.

 This was disclosed to journalists by the Leader of the group, Comrade Azuka Afukpua during youth summit held in Asaba.

 According to Afukpua, Chuks Oseme’s administration has putting the right peg into the right hole by providing power supply in Issele-Uku in Aniocha North Local Government Area which other political leaders in the area were unable to do.

 NCAY maintained that since assumption of office, Chuks Oseme has been running all inclusive government which is his cardinal point stressing that the people of Aniocha North Local Government Council should appreciate God for giving them such a man with wisdom and knowledge.

 Today, the lingering blackout in Issele-Uku, Chuks Oseme should not be held responsible because the truth of the matter is as a result of the indebtedness of the community (Issele-Uku indigenes) who are the power consumers could not pay their BEDC bills.

 The indebted by the power consumers was alleged to be over N16m despite that the newly crowned monarch of the community, His Royal Majesty, Nduka Ezeagwuna II has started making frantic efforts to ensure that power is restored.

 Sources from BEDC and Ministry of power and energy, Delta State confirmed that the energy consumers in Issele-Uku are indebted to the time of over N16m pointing that until the debts are settled that is when power will be restored to them.

 Although, Chuks Oseme who was not available to speak to the press but close sources to his office confirmed that there is still power in the 33Kv Transformer provided by the Chairman to the Local Government Area

 According to BEDC and ministry of power and energy sources, there is still power in the 33kv transformer bought for the community by the chairman, Chuks Oseme.

 However, the group stated that without fear or favor people from the locality should discountenance the rumour that there is no light in the transformer.

 It is from the transformer that the people of Onicha-Ugbo was connected and other nearby communities are trying to be connected, all these are the handiwork of the political enemies of the chairman who do not like his face and his good works is doing for the local government area, said Azuka Afukpua.

No doubt that it cannot be contested that Chuks Oseme has done credibly well since coming to office but would have stepped on toes of many people in course of carrying out his official duty but that is not a yardstick to blackmail him for what is not truth.


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