Why we are not celebrating world teachers' day -ASUSS Chairman

The Chairman of Academic Staff Union of Secondary School, ASUSS, Kogi Chapter, has

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Why we are not celebrating world teachers' day -ASUSS Chairman

The Chairman of Academic Staff Union of Secondary School, ASUSS, Kogi Chapter, Comrade Ronti Ojo has described the  prevailing issues of unpaid salaries and hardship faced by teachers in Kogi State as reasons they are not celebrating the World Teachers Day, today October 5, 2018.
World Teachers' Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is held October 5 of every year to honor teachers and recognize their contributions to education and development.

In an exclusive interview with the Kogi State Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Secondary School, (ASUSS)  Comrade Ronti Mathew Ojo, by Our Kogi State Correspondent on Thursday, October 4,  he explained that teachers are hungry and demoralized with the current situation on ground.

Comrade Ojo who doubles as the Kogi State Chairman Trade Union Congress (TUC) noted that, Teachers in the State now find it difficult to feed their families daily as they are owned not less than six months to 20 months salaries.

“If u ask the Teacher to come to Lokoja from all the 21 local government area from their various schools, they can't even afford it because  salaries have not been paid. That  wby we we cannot organize any meeting or celebrate the 2018 world teachers day. I will use this opportunity to appreciate Teachers in the State that despite all this hardship, they are still doing their jobs. Government and employers of teachers in the State should give us transport allowance to maintain our body  and souls and be  able to transport our self to heaven so that we could meet our reward  there since they say teachers reward is in  heaven and not earth. When these things are not forthcoming, teachers are being demoralized and they can't put up their optimum performance in the school system. So that is the problem that is confronting us. Any teacher in Kogi State as far as secondary schools is concern, is being owed not less than six months salaries. Government of Kogi State has paid up to May.

"But in the month of August through to December 2017, the State Government paid us 60%.   Which means they are owing us a balance of 40%. For that five months, it gives us 200% which is two months outstanding salaries. That is why  I said those teachers along with other State workers in the State are being owed not less than  six months and above. With this, there are still some of us, that have arrears that have not been paid as a result of those of us that were placed on salaries due to the screening exercise conducted by the Kogi State government. Some are owed three months, twelve months and even twenty months and more. This is totally different from those who are under the uncleared list" Comrade Ojo lamented.

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