We often ask ourselves at the end of a promising relationship

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We often ask ourselves at the end of a promising relationship with somebody we actually thought we love what actually went wrong, and who is to be blame….Eventually we end up blaming ourselves thinking we if only we had acted or behaved differently probably the relationship would have worked or maybe you would still be together. The truth is it was never YOU that was the problem the problem was you never took notice. Usually we compensate ourselves believing that the relationship wasn’t meant to be, that you didn’t have much in common, he wasn’t really in love with you, you say to yourself,  he was too hot I guess I was just all over him, I got too jealous just couldn’t help it. Whatever you did or didn’t do wasn’t really the cause the main reason behind a failed relationship is ignorance.

At the beginning of every relationship YOU do not know each other totally. You often do not pay attention to that because you so in love. You ignore everything probably because you feel it’s going to spoil the fun but actually it’s not the best. Deal with issues from the very start do not drown in love and blind your eyes to reality. Mostly true characters are not displayed you pretend because you want to look good to your partner, it’s not the best because holding on to a personality that’s not yours is really very hard at the end your true self will be revealed. What happens after that? That’s when you realize that his lacking in one character or she really not as good as you imagined her to be.

Boredom comes after the beginning of every relationship no matter how you think you love each other to pieces you will face boredom in your relationship. It is the stage were you will need to face the truth about each other’s true self, you see each other in a different dimension the attraction you felt at the beginning that brought you together begins to fade away, what actually sustains your being together is how well you accept each other’s differences which is the beginning of understanding.

We all have our fantasies…we imagine how our dream man or woman should be like what characters they should possess but what we fail to do is give room for lapses as we all know no man is perfect. Tolerance is the essence of you not being stereotypic in your judgment and assessment of people. In a relationship you must be liberal do not just base your decisions in a one sided manner. Be firm but don’t be so stoic reverse situations before taking sides, judge issues by assuming if you were the victim not the accused! Tolerance will prevent you from making harsh decisions that you might regret.

No man knows it all. Do not assume your feelings to your partner tell them! let them know what up, let them understand why you act weird don’t get all bottled up with your emotions it will do you no good! You end up being bitter and irritating which will push the other away and if you are not careful you will push too far. What happens next? After successfully displaying your drama what if your partner isn’t getting your vibe and sees your taunt in a different perspective? You might not just get anything at all. It is better to be straight. Usually the ladies tend to display this attitude and not all men are deep thinkers to read beyond your drama.

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