Premium Steel taking Delta Steel Plant to Greater glory, says Mishra

Chief Executive Officer of Premium Steel and Mines Limited, Mr. Prasanta Mishra, has described as

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Premium Steel taking Delta Steel Plant to Greater glory, says Mishra
Mr. Prasanta Mishra

Chief Executive Officer of Premium Steel and Mines Limited, Mr. Prasanta Mishra, has described as untrue and misleading, the statement credited to Chief Francis Atanomeyovwi, Federal Commissioner in the National Assembly Service Commission, stressing that the Commissioner was not properly briefed on the true situation of things hence his unsavoury comments on the state of the plant.


In a telephone chat with Our Correspondent in reaction to insinuations by Chief Francis Atanomeyovwi who expressed dismay with seized materials at the Police Station, Mr Mishra explained that the trucks Chief Atanomeyovwi saw at the Ovwian-Aladja Police station were loaded with steel skulls that were stolen from Premium Steel and Mines Limited’s yard by a certain family in Aladja community which encroached into the company premises.


‘’The matter was promptly reported to the Police and the items and culprits duly apprehended. As we speak, PSML has gotten a Court injunction restraining the said family from further encroachment into the company premises. Any interested member of the public can visit the plant to see the extent of encroachment by the Aladja community’’, the CEO explained.


He explained further that what Chief Francis Atanomeyovwi, saw at the police station were the stolen steel skulls and not some important assets of the company as alleged in the story.


‘’Premium Steel is doing everything possible to revamp the plant and we are stopping at nothing to achieve our set goals. But for the Covid-19 pandemic which has slowed down businesses on the global scene, we would have gone far beyond the present level. To say PSML is working to reduce the plant to a carcass is most unfortunate, offensive and unpleasant, particularly coming from a man of Chief Atanomeyovwi’s standing. As a respected Federal Commissioner, our gates are opened to him if he so desire to enquire about anything. But to cast aspersion on the integrity of the company without proper investigation as to the veracity of the claims is not encouraging at all’’, the CEO said.


He appealed to the Federal Government to improve on policies that could engender growth and productivity in the steel sector particularly in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.


‘’What we desire at the moment is economic stimulus for companies to stabilize during and after the covid-19 era. Businesses and companies the world over have been affected by the current situations and it behove on government to provide economic stimulus to sustain the production of steel so as to improve on the current scale of steel production in the country for the needed industrial revolution in the land. We at Premium Steel and Mines Limited are already thinking ahead of time so as to remain in business in a post covid-19 era, continue to employ more staff instead of shedding weight and contribute to the country GDP. We therefore appeal to the like of Chief Francis Atanomeyovwi to use his good offices to prevail on the Federal Government to provide support for the steel sector so as to encourage and promote a fairer business climate for industrial growth in Nigeria’’, he said, adding that since the lockdown was lifted, production has been on-going inside the plant.


He also appealed to the host Udu communities and Deltans to continue to support the company so as to achieve the goals of the founding fathers.


Meanwhile, a prominent indigene of Aladja Community has confirmed the position of Premium Steel and Mines limited with regards the goods seized by the police as stolen steel skulls by some persons in Aladja Community.


Our source who spoke on condition of anonymity disclosed that the degree of thievery being perpetrated by some persons in Aladja inside the company premises could bring down any unprepared investor.


He added that Premium Steel was doing well in checking the activities of vandals ‘’otherwise, the company would have long gone but for the vigilance of the company security architecture. Sometimes, stolen steel skulls are carted away and on tip off by PSML, the police often swing into action to arrest the vandals’’, our source added.


National President of Coalition of Udu Professionals, Comrade Peter Edijalatie, in his remarks frowned at the hurling of invective on the company despite her strong impact in stimulating the local economy for growth as well as incredible evidence of Corporate Social Responsibility in many areas of intervention by PSML.


Comrade Edijalatie noted that rather than distract the new investors with unhealthy comments, the people should cooperate with PSML for growth and productivity.

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