DSC is dead, buried – Ogboru opines

Interim President of the Udu South Assembly, Comrade Ese Ogboru has taken a swipe at Premium Steel and Mines Limited

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DSC is dead, buried – Ogboru opines


Interim President of the Udu South Assembly, Comrade Ese Ogboru has taken a swipe at Premium Steel and Mines Limited, PSML, the current operators of the Delta Steel Company, Ovwian-Aladja, describing the company as undertakers, who have come to bury the remains of the plant.


Speaking to newsmen in Ovwian, Udu Local Government of Delta State, Comrade Ogboru, frowned at the attitude of PSML, “in failing to manage the plant to expectations”, warning that Udu leaders have been docile for too long and “that since no activity takes place in the plant anymore, the company cannot be said to be alive”.


‘’We have watched activities in and around the company premises in Ovwian-Aladja and we observe that for a long time now, nothing is happening in and around the plant. When you make enquiries, no satisfying information is given about the health of the plant and progress made by PSML to keep the plant going despite all the promises made earlier.


‘’It is obvious the company has collapsed yet again. Global Steel came and ran the place aground. Premium Steel later came in 2015 with lots of promises, flaunting their international partners as a convincing prospect of their ability for quality service delivery, but till date nothing is happening in the plant. The rolling mill, the only functional unit of the integrated steel complex has stopped rolling for a while now. And information is not being given to the public as expected. If the burial is concluded, let PSML go so we can stop hoping for better days.


‘’We have cooperated with the company enough. If PSML cannot revive the plant, they should simply go. They came to revive a totally devastated and traumatized company but ended up killing and burying the plant. We may have to hope for the Lazarus encounter for DSC to rise from the grave again’’, Comrade Ogboru declared with bitterness.


He expressed disappointment with the Udu monarch and leaders for their alleged docility with the ‘’undertakers who have completely buried the plant before our very eyes. The youths have failed too. This is not the company the Late Senator Fred Brume labored hard to build. Nothing, and I mean nothing is happening inside the company yard. PSML should simply go instead of fooling the populace with some fathom promises of a brighter future. Iron and steel products are in hot demand in the open market. Construction giants are working in different sites and steel products are in high demand everywhere. PSML has failed and they should quietly quit the stage for a better investor to step in’’, Comrade Ogboru said.      



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Ossai Rita Ashinedu
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