Opinion: Federal and Delta State Governments should respect the rule of law- Yomere

The people of Omadino are second batch of the coastal Yoruba Movement East Ward in

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Opinion: Federal and Delta State Governments should respect the rule of law- Yomere
Sir Armstrong Yomere


The people of Omadino are second batch of the coastal Yoruba Movement East Ward in the Niger Delta Area from Ode Omi an Ijebu speaking community along the coastline of the old Ijebu Ode province of Western Nigeria, Oba Talakaye Adegegboye Lenuwa of Ode-Omi joined his ancestors in the year 1005AD and his oldest son (Oba Osho founder of Omadino and his territories) took over in the year 1005AD, after three years on the throne his Aare Ona Kankafu started trouble which led to lost of lives and properties, in the year 1008AD, he left Ode Omi to meet his elder brothers who has already founded Inorin 20 years before the death of his father Oba Talakaye Adegegboye.


Omadino people are among the five communities existing before the coming of the first Olu of Warri kingdom, they became Itsekiri after the combination of the three ancestors Yoruba , Igala and Benin ( Ginuwa 1). 


Omadino people are of Itsekiri ethnic race popularly referred to as a minority race spread across the three Warri local Government areas of Delta state in Nigeria, particularly in the South South region. 


The lands owned by the people of Omadino community is the mainstay of Nigeria and Delta state economy. They are five ways to proof ownership of lands ; 1) Proof by production of title documents, 2) proof of acts of ownership,3) proof by acts of long possession, 4) proof by traditional evidence and 5) proof by possession of connected or adjacent land, all this proofs are clearly stated in all our court cases won in both High Court and Supreme Court.


The people of Omadino owned Okerenghigho and Ubakokodia before the exploration and exploitation of our crude oil, we gave permission to International Oil Companies, IOCs operating in our lands. 


The people of Omadino community are aware of one Oweijubiri who is the son of Chief Tomtebe, oweijubiri got married to the daughter of Abiloro, 4th generation of the founder of Omadino community, her name is Erenbo she had seven children for Oweijubiri 5 girls and two boys, the last son known as Igbegha who is the founder of Ijaghala community. The people of Omadino are aware that igbegha is our son and brother, the Ijaw of Gbaramatu should learn how to live with us, the Ijaw of Gbaramatu should know we are not scared of them, we already know they will come and kill us again, the way they killed thousands of Omadino people and burn down Omadino community in 1996/97 and recently killed one person after the video of GYC president on social media. 


The people of Omadino community are not troublesome people, they are law abiding citizens of Nigeria and Delta state, we are worried with the politics Nigeria Government and Delta state Govt are playing with the lives of Omadino people. 


The people of Omadino are aware of the influence the Ijaw of Gbaramatu have in Nigeria and Delta state, the people of Omadino are also aware of the threat used by the Ijaw of Gbaramatu to arm twist the Governmentt to take what does not belong to them . 


The people of Omadino are aware and knows their relationship with the Ijaw of Gbaramatu, how we intermarried and lived together. The 3rd America president provided the golden rule which has today guided all modern states (country) in fashioning out how they exist and live together, these are his two quotes , “ All too, will bear in mind this sacred principle that though the will of majority is in all cases to prevail, that will , to be rightful, must be reasonable, that the minority possess their equal rights , which equal laws must protect and to violate which would be oppression “ 


“Free government is founded on jealousy, not in confidence, it is jealousy and not confidence which prescribe limited constitution to bind those we are obligated to trust with power . In question of power let no one be heard of confidence in man but bind him down from mischief by the chains of constitution “. 


The reasons above by the 3rd America president, why the people of Omadino community will not carry arms and Ammunition illegally, we believe the governor and his deputy of Delta state have the obligations to protect our lives , properties and fashion out ways to live in peace among their people. 


Let it be known to all , the issue of lands ownership between Omadino people and Gbaramatu Ijaw has already being settled before the creation of Gbaramatu kingdom, they should learn how to live with us in peace or they should get ready to kill us every day , every month and every year, we will not allow them take our lands. 


Enough is enough . 



Sir Armstrong Omaretsuli Yomere

Public Relations Officer, P.R.O, Management Committee of the Trust, Omadino Community.


Email: managementcommitteeomadino@gmail.com



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