Modern Itsekiri Security, MIS reads riot act to fellow Itsekiris, neigbouring ethnic groups, contractors

· Demands separate state for Itsekiri Nation

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Modern Itsekiri Security, MIS reads riot act to fellow Itsekiris, neigbouring ethnic groups, contractors
His Imperial Majesty, Ogiame Atuwatse III


A group which goes by the name, Modern Itsekiri Security, MIS, has issued riot act to Itsekiri indigenes, who post what they termed rubbish comments on Facebook, denigrating Palace of the Olu of Warri and Warri Kingdom as a whole, to stop forthwith.


We want to sound this as a warning to all sons and daughters of Warri Kingdom, home and in diaspora to know, is not business as usual. From now on, all the rubbish comments and posts on Facebook insulting the Palace and Warri Kingdom should stop, we can no longer tolerant this anymore.


“We, the Modern Itsekiri Security, MIS will come after anybody who default and those of you who think Itsekiri  belong to you and your family alone and those who think they can do anything they like, without the Palace approval and you think nothing will happen to you, sorry, because it's a new regime. So wake up or MIS will wake you up, please be warned”, the group warned.


In an electronic statement sent to Fresh Angle International this morning, Tuesday September 28, MIS also cautioned Itsekiri neighbours: “If you do not like our hospitality, we will show you guys the exit door, because we are not troublesome people, even if we are few, do not under-estimate our patience and strength”.


The statement credited to the National Co-ordinator and Secretary of MIS, Comrade Weyinmi Arugha and Engineer Efejuku Samson, respectively, added: “All contractors in Warri (both Indigenes and non-Indigenes) who like delaying workers’ salary over two or three months and pay one month out of the three months, should stop henceforth or MIS will disgrace you and your company and make sure you will never get any contract in Iwere land. For those who are trying so hard to sell Itsekiri for political appointments, we are watching you guys. Also those in charge of amnesty scholarship, paymasters to students, should make sure every month, students receive their stipends”.


MIS demanded: “The Federal Government, should know that the Itsekiri Nation, is due for a state (Iwere State) since our neighbours, both on the riverside and land, do not want peaceful co - existence between us anymore and all dealings that have to do with Warri Kingdom, must pass through the Palace of the Olu of Warri, His Imperial Majesty, Ogiame Atuwatse III”.




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