Nigeria-Born, Canada-Based Pop/R&B Artist STANLEY Battles With Ego Vs Love In “Twisted”

The tale of ego versus love is one as old as time itself

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Nigeria-Born, Canada-Based Pop/R&B Artist STANLEY Battles With Ego Vs Love In “Twisted”

The tale of ego versus love is one as old as time itself. For some of us, we lose that battle and nowhere is that concept captured more perfectly than in pop-R&B artist Stanley’s new single, “Twisted” — available now! 


As Stanley’s newest release, “Twisted” arrives fresh from the Winnipeg-based artist’s latest album, Resurrection; the LP aims to be a retelling of loss throughout the pandemic, with “Twisted” a pivotal chapter in that story. 


Fantastically produced, “Twisted” is reminiscent of Weeknd’s summer releases, bringing forth images of summer flings ending too soon, and the high energy behind this mix paired with Stanley’s R&B style vocals really sells this track. It’s this façade of feel-good loving that acts as the cherry on top.


“’Twisted’ tells a story about how, in the midst of all I was going through, I had a girl that loved me regardless — but I never wanted her the same way she wanted me,” Stanley shares. 


With that, Stanley’s newest single feels like something sweet tainted by pain — like a vodka lemonade with a heavy pour. 


The song’s production features punchy synth grooves coupled with well-timed guitar samples that make a guest appearance in the chorus. While these layers of production seem innocent at face value, each instrument throughout the mix plays a role in the mindset that comes with feeling all-worthy of a loved one’s embrace. 


“She did all she could do to let me know she cared for me, but I never saw the value in her,” Stanley reflects. “She decided to move on and I instantly regretted losing her; it made me see what I was missing. 


“This destroyed my ego,” he continues, before adding “for the better… My ego always told me she should never get it ‘Twisted’; that she will always love me.”


As heard across recent releases — including singles “Waiting,” his 2020 EP, Late Bloomer, and more — Stanley is an innovative musician who blends pop, afro, EDM, and R&B effortlessly. 


Moving from Nigeria to Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Stanley was here to further his education — although he never let go of his love for music, a childhood passion of his. In addition to his hundred of thousands of streams across Spotify alone, Stanley is also known for his entrepreneurial spirit and an unlimited supply of ideas and wit. Priding himself on never being boxed in, he works endlessly to leave his musical impact on the world. 


“Life is all about perspective,” he says. “How you view it becomes your reality.”


“Twisted” is available now.

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