Group knocks Kogi NMA Chairman over alleged forgery, attempt to cause crisis

A group under the auspices of Concerned Lokoja Community Leaders, has accused the Kogi State Chairman of Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Dr Olusola

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Group knocks Kogi NMA Chairman over alleged forgery, attempt to cause crisis


A group under the auspices of Concerned Lokoja Community Leaders, has accused the Kogi State Chairman of Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Dr Olusola Baoku of alleged forgery of documents, with the intent to implicate the Chief Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Olatunde Alabi.


They also accused Dr Olusola Baoku of poor leadership role in the tussle between the Association of Resident Doctors, ARD and the management of Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja, FTHL.


The group in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Paul Olagoke, carpeted the Kogi NMA Chairman for allegedly using the medical body to cause crisis, aimed at shutting down the hospital.


In the statement dated today, Monday June 24, Olagoke said Dr Baoku Olusola, has turned NMA to a one Man Mopol, saying Concerned Lokoja Community Leaders, has heard how Dr. Baoku, relegated other members of the executive to the background, for his selfish interest.


According to the group, the embattled NMA Chairman, is bringing the entire association into disrepute, via desperate measures to bring crisis to Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja, under the guise of protecting the interest of the Doctors.


While stating that Dr Baoku Olusola lacks the leadership qualities of heading NMA, the group called for his immediate impeachment, before the umbrella body of medical doctors falls to the ocean.


Olagoke also condemned in strong term, the petition written by Dr Baoku Olusola, using the letter head paper of NMA, accusing the Chief Medical Director, CMD of Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja, (FTHL) Dr Olatunde Alabi of forgery and impersonation. 


He claimed that the purported petition against the FTHL management, was a figment of the imagination of the Kogi NMA Chairman, who according to him, has been publicly known for his double standards and pull down syndrome of those doing well to impact meaningfully in the health sector.


The statement reads in part: "This is the first time NMA as a reputable body in Kogi State is having a rascal as it's Chairman. NMA Kogi State branch had the likes of Dr Austin Ojotule, Dr Tijani Godwin, Dr Zubair  Kabir, , Dr Omakoji Simeon Oyiguh and many more who championed the course of medical doctors in Kogi State successfully without any bad record in public eye. But under Dr Baoku Olusola, the reverse is the case.


"We would have remained mute on the madness being displayed by the NMA Chairman in Kogi State, but we won't continue to fold our arms and allow pepper enter the eyes of our people for the Federal Teaching Hospital  Lokoja that treats our people to be closed down.


"Instead of Dr Baoku Olusola to focus on better welfare of medical doctors, he is busy chasing shadows. Because of his draconian leadership style, under his watch, his Secretary Dr Kelvin resigned in January 2024. We have found out that Dr Baoku Olusola is running NMA Kogi State branch as a one man business.


"We want the general public to know that most of the signatories carrying NMA letter head concerning the petition against the CMD of Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja and other things concerning the association are not with the permission of the Executive Committee of NMA Kogi State branch as we have found out. 


"He claimed that the CMD forged document, why can't he substantiate it. Now we hear that even him, Dr Baoku Olusola, is the real forger of documents. We are now aware of the disclaimers to the letters written by Dr Baoku Olusola


"We want the Kogi Elders Forum that has always shown interest in the healthcare activities of this hospital to beam it search light on the activities of this NMA Chairman that is trying to destabilize the hospital and negatively impact healthcare delivery services in the hospital.


"Dr Baoku Olusola has sinister motive against some certain elements of the medical profession in the Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja. The same letter head he used in petitioning the Commissioner of Police and other security agencies is still carrying Dr Emmanuel Bola Kelvin who resigned since January 2024. Look at a kettle that is calling the pot black.


"The person that should be arrested and prosecuted for forgery, and impersonation should be Dr Baoku Olusola and those supporting his radical, unscrupulous, unfounded and self-centered agenda.


"He claimed to be fighting for the Association of Resident Doctors in Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja, meanwhile, it is not true. He just wants to cause chaos' and make things ungovernable for the management of the hospital. Dr Baoku Olusola is constituting himself into a public nuisance and a big threat to the peace which has been enjoyed by the hospital over the years." 


"We are using this medium to call on the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, the Commissioner of Police and other security agencies to place their search light on the current Kogi State NMA Chairman who has been fanning the embers of war in the Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja.


"It is on record that the NMA Chairman joined in plotting strike and protests with Association of Resident Doctors, Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja and joined them on the street physically, instead of being a father to solve problems with diplomacy. This is unheard of.


"If not quickly tamed now, Dr Baoku Olusola might cause something that will throw the entire Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja and it's environs into monumental calamity. We won't allow one man alongside some of his wicked gang take us back to the old stone age. We can still recall how the hospital was closed down for several months some years ago and our people suffered".


Olagoke appealed to the management of FTHL not to be distracted by their good work in administering quality health care service for the people of Kogi State and Nigeria in general.



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