Rivers Crisis: Group Tackles Ikenga's 'G-60 over Unnecessary Interference'

calls them to order over misinterpretation of valid Court Judgments

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Rivers Crisis: Group Tackles Ikenga's 'G-60 over Unnecessary Interference'

A group, Citizens Action for Good Governance has warned Honorable Ikenga Ugochinyere’s G-60 Opposition members for meddling in the political crises and the recent Court of Appeal judgment in Rivers State.



The Citizens Action for Good Governance said it convened a press conference on the 10th of July, 2024 in Abuja to address the “egregious meddling” of the G-60 Opposition Group, led by Honorable Ikenga Ugochinyere.



According to the group, the crisis in Rivers State is an internal matter within the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Instead of promoting unity and resolving the issue, Honorable Ikenga and his group have chosen to take sides, exacerbating the situation. This raises questions about the true intentions and purpose of the G-60 group. Their actions are not only detrimental to the PDP but also harmful to the overall well-being of the nation.”



Garba Murtala, a Co-convener of the group said: “Honorable Ikenga has been linked to controversies related to militancy and violence in his home state and constituency. It is disappointing that he has not shown the same commitment to addressing insecurity issues in Imo State. His lack of action is a clear indication of his priorities, which seem to be centered around personal gain rather than the welfare of the people.



“The G-60 group has failed to provide meaningful solutions to national issues, instead opting for self-serving press conferences that only serve to promote individual political ambitions. Honorable Ugochinyere's actions, such as creating factional groups and inciting violence, do not serve the interests of the Nigerian people. His behavior is a stark reminder of the dangers of political selfishness and the need for leaders to prioritize the common good.”



“We urge Honorable Ikenga Ugochinyere and the G-60 group to cease their divisive actions and work towards fostering unity and progress within the opposition parties. The people of Nigeria deserve leaders who prioritize the common good over personal gain. We demand an end to the meddling in Rivers State's internal affairs and a focus on addressing the pressing issues facing our nation.”



“In addition, we are appalled by the G-60 group's occasional outbursts, which demonstrate their disdain for the rule of law and disrespect for the nation's institutions. Their recent misinterpretation of the Court of Appeal's judgment is a glaring example of this. They deliberately distorted the judgment to suit their own narrative, impugning the integrity of the courts in the process. This is an ignoble act and a flagrant disregard for the rule of law. Their actions also show a blatant disrespect for President Tinubu's efforts to broker a peaceful resolution. The Constitution and the judgments of the Court of Appeal and Federal High Court have been clear, yet the G-60 group continues to disregard them. 



“We demand an apology from the group for their reckless behavior and demand that they respect the institutions that uphold our democracy. Let us strive for a democracy built on principles of integrity, unity, and good conscience. This is a call to order and a call to serve in the true Nigerian spirit. We must work together to build a brighter future for all Nigerians.”



“The law must prevail over sentimental falsehood as the Rivers State political crisis lingers on. Any further attempts by the Ugochinyere group of g-60 to encourage governor Fubara in disrespecting the Nigerian constitution, president bola Ahmed Tinubu & the judiciary, through incoherent lines of sarcasm, satire, illegal actions and unstructured side-talks, would no longer be tolerated. Enough is enough.”



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