NDDC Director’s Aide, Egbo in trouble, refuses service

*Allegedly hounds pro-Buhari ex-militant leader with Police

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NDDC Director’s Aide, Egbo in trouble, refuses service
The Court Service

The Project Director, Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Engr.Samson Adjogbe's Aide, Olorugun Jaro Egbo may be in trouble following his alleged refusal of court service on him in his Abuja residence, Fresh Angle International has learnt. 

Egbo was slammed with a 3 billion Naira suit by a pro-Buhari Ex-militant leader, Eshanekpe Israel, a.k.a Akpodoro, over allegation of defamation of character via a publication on a whatsaap group chat some time ago, a development that is allegedly rattling him beyond comprehension. 

In the suite coming up in January 11, 2018 for hearing in Abuja High Court, Akpodoro is demanding 2 billion Naira for general damages and 1billion Naira for alleged character defamation. 

According to reports, the bailiff had gone to serve Egbo via alternative summons as he had purportedly refused service on December 8, 2017 at his Kopa Kobana Estate. On getting to his Apo house in Abuja, his gate man reportedly told the bailiff, Mr. Isa Abubakar, that his boss was not at home.

To satisfy his curiosity, Abubakar was said to have called the correspondence phone number made available to him. Egbo according to Abubakar bullied him as he introduced himself as a bailiff on a mission to serve him court papers: “Mr. Egbo bullied me, cursing, you are mad!”

At this point, Isa told newsmen who were on the spot with them what transpired as his gateman after picking a call from his boss became hostile to the visitors saying: “My oga said I should drive you away. So, leave here now before it’s too late.”

Fresh Angle International gathered that the court had to report the case to the nearby Apo Police station, who deployed a truck of policemen as escorts for the bailiff days after to enable him paste the court papers on Egbo's gate as demanded by the court. 

Consequent upon the successful service, Egbo allegedly approached the Police as claimed by one ASP who simply identified himself as Idowu from the Inspector General of Police Monitoring Team to hound Akpodoro into custody to possibly force him to drop the case which legal experts see as a "very bad case" against him. 

Idowu apart from inviting Akpodoro's police aides, sent him an invitation letter stating that Egbo petitioned the police against him."

Lamenting the ugly trend, Akpodoro told Our Correspondent that the police was becoming the attack dog for Egbo who stands accused of severely defaming his character. 

He stated: “Egbo published on Whatsaap group chat that I am wanted for criminal and sundry crimes by security agencies, rather than coming to show proof, he ran to the police to stop me from driving home my case against him and Idowu is handy here.

I am sure that serial liar must have misinformed the police causing them to harass an innocent man like me. The President Buhari-led All Progressives Congress, APC is a government I fought tooth and nail to bring on board in the Niger Delta region while Egbo who today form a ring of beneficiaries of the APC contested primaries election in 2014 under the PDP platform against APC faithful and has not renounced his PDP membership till date, what an irony?

Egbo and his Sam Adjogbe are only fighting a lost battle because they must tell the world when and where I was declared wanted for criminal activities including armed robbery. He came begging twice and I refused his entrities because I believe in the rule of law and he must bear the weight of the law.” The Urhobo - born ex-militant leader stated noting that until justice was done he won't back out. 


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