Celebrating Otuaro at 50

Deputy Governor Otuaro, who was born on April 16, 1968

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Celebrating Otuaro at 50
From left: Vice Chairman of Warri South LGC,Mrs. Divine Iniovosa,Hon. Michael Tidi,Governor Ifeanyi Okowa & Air Commodore YD Daniel at the Osubi Airstrip,during Dr. Okowa's arrival to Warri Friday April 13 for Barr. Kingsley Otuaro's birthday

I found it most instructive of recent when the Governor of Delta State, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, described his deputy, Dcn (Barr.) Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, as a choice God had made for him, going further to note Otuaro’s contribution to peace-building across the state, quite apart from his other sterling credentials as an able deputy. Such encomium coming from one’s boss is a fitting reward to a deputy whose hallmarks remain his fierce loyalty and undiluted commitment to the vision of his principal. Indeed, in light of Otuaro’s abiding passion for service to the people, it is most heartwarming that such disposition on his part places him in remarkable sync with Governor Okowa, whose fixation on the good of the common man sets him apart, any time, any day as a true man of the people. Having clearly found in his deputy, a most valuable asset in peace-building and the democratic pacification of restive hotspots, especially in the riverine flank of the state, it is to me quite fitting that Governor Okowa confidently deployed his go-getting deputy to anchor the restoration of peace to the oil-producing areas of the Delta.
Deputy Governor Otuaro, who was born on April 16, 1968 in Oporoza, Warri South-West Local Government Area, Delta State is a scholar, lawyer, writer, community builder, peace advocate and public administrator of truly enviable credentials. Having excelled greatly in virtually every position he has ever manned, it was for many, who truly know him, no surprise at all, that Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the then PDP gubernatorial candidate found him worthy to be his running mate in the 2015 election in Delta State, an election they won with a quantum leap far and above their opponents. 
Deacon Otuaro is a study on how much can be packed into an impactful life to the glory of God and the good of mankind. As motivator per excellence in the areas of education, community development, economic empowerment, peace building and bridge building across ethnic groups, it is as if the Deputy Governor has irrevocably committed himself to the utilization of absolutely every capability Heaven has graciously bestowed upon him for the good of his fellowmen. As a matter of fact, Otuaro’s life has been a testament to potential actualization. Ever the workaholic and apostle of continuous self-improvement, His Excellency has made it his life mission to add value to the lives of others even as he tirelessly forges ahead in making the utmost of the talents the Almighty has been gracious enough to endow him with.
A visit to the Deputy Governor in his domestic environment will provide anyone with an eye-opening insight into the sterling character and remarkable personality of Deacon Otuaro. One is likely to find a motley crowd of persons high and low, young and old, new friends he welcomes with open arms and an open mind, as well as, those His Excellency has known all his life and has studiously refused to discard now that he has risen to high office as certain Nigerian politicians are notorious for doing. If you weren’t adequately familiar with Deacon Otuaro before going to his house, you would not know who the Deputy Governor of Delta is amongst those you meet there, given his astonishing ability for making everyone feel at home. 
As we look forward to many more Happy Birthdays for His Excellency, we are quite satisfied that at his golden jubilee, the lawyer, academician and administrator in Otuaro is indeed a colossus of public spiritedness and palpable communality. Effortlessly remaining humble, and ever preferring to ascribe every achievement in his life to God, his Creator, Otuaro will always be to me and many others like me, a mentor we will always be deeply proud of. Indeed for many of us who know him well, our gratitude will always go to God for raising a leader of Otuaro’s pedigree amongst us thus affording us the opportunity of being close to a man of towering personality yet awe-inspiring humility. Indeed, as a leader in the pan-Deltan mold of Governor Okowa, Otuaro is indeed a pride to the entire state and not just to Delta South Senatorial District.
Tidi, Executive Chairman, Warri South LGA, writes from Warri.

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