COVID-19: Akoka Community Leaders, Residents Selflessly Making big difference

COVID-19 continues to spread – but it’s bringing out the best in people and

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COVID-19: Akoka Community Leaders, Residents Selflessly Making big difference

COVID-19 continues to spread – but it’s bringing out the best in people and communities across the globe. Volunteers are looking out for elderly and vulnerable families to reach out to.


As the lock-down strips a good number of Individuals and families the ability to feed, some communities, organizations and individuals have shown selfless sacrifice, thinking outside the box and outside government palliatives to reach out to the vulnerable ones, families and elderly within their community.


This reporter was therefore moved to tears seeing the selfless acts of kindness and community togetherness across the Akoka Community - maintaining a positive attitude and reaching out to others with acts of kindness and generosity.


Here is the inspiring and commendable story of the Akoka Food Support Program


According to the Akoka Food Support Project Director, Segun Adesanya, the Akoka Community leaders took decisive (proactive) measure towards this even before government announced the lockdown.


They envisioned the hardship the lockdown might bring on some residents knowing fully well the uniqueness of the Akoka Community. It is worth to note that the residents embraced the programme from day one .


The Akoka Food Support which started with 100 people, now touches over 400 families at every other day.


More interesting part of this food program is the fact that comfortable residents and even those who had little, donated whatever amount they could afford to ensure the continued success of the program. What an amazing act of kindness.


Not leaving the children out of this, they decided to specifically reach out to 300 kids across the community today being Easter Monday, giving out about 300 cooked food to 300 kids ... for the celebration of Easter season . No party . The food will be taken to various homes by the street cordinators within the community, the Director explained.


Also, the founder of Digitalprwire, Mr. Celestine Achi, a resident in the area said, 'Here is a most beautiful way to reach out, to support and to share public health advice on COVID19. Let’s support this #AkokaFoodSupport. I totally agree with Sir Louis words when he said that When someone helps you and they’re struggling too, that’s not help that’s love.


"To me, this is what the Akoka Food Support is all about and a template for all other communities to emulate.


"Worthy of note are some individuals who have also gone out of their comfort zone to support vulnerable families:


"Dayo Adefila who reached out to friends on Facebook and Instagram and was able to touch 12 vulnerable families;


"Mr. Ono Akpe is the Chief Executive Officer of Cockerel, Area1, an Abuja based eatery. He has also been feeding children in Internally Displaced Camp at Durumi, Abuja for the lockdown period and


"Worthy of note is the Indian cultural association who distributed food collected from all Indians in Lagos to reach out to their different communities as shared by the MD of TGI Distri, Mr Sunil Sawhney in one of how tweets", he added.

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